Critical Error

Critical Error 80

Eilea couldn’t explain her unease, the prickles creeping up her spine or the neck itch. It was something she’d rarely experienced but it had happened on three previous occasions.  A precursor to her “known” pregnancy with both kids and before her “ex” decided they were quits, weeks before in fact.  It was here, again.  Chills crept up her body and she was suddenly inexplicably cold though the sun shone brightly overhead.  She looked at Paul then the kids and everyone else seemed relaxed and comfortable.  She peered at the cars beside them.

Paul sensed her unease and lifted a brow at her.  She shrugged her shoulders in response before silently mouthing “later”.

They had planned on a barbecue and Paul had invited half the precinct.  Safety in numbers his goal.

A dozen couples showed up and each brought steaks, salad, corn on the cob along with a few desserts.  Those on duty brought pop, chips, bread sticks and others brought a bottle of wine.

He turned on the music from the media room and it played softly in the background and a few of the guys dug out the lawn chairs.  Before long everyone was seated or dancing to the music.  Everyone was relaxed and enjoying the moment.

He took Eilea aside as soon as he could and asked what was going on.  She explained and he knew beyond a doubt their reprieve was about over.  Instincts, it was all about instincts, listening to them and heeding the warnings.

Paul carefully made his way around the group putting on a show of checking to make sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying while placing everyone present on alert.


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