It was a restless night with nurses poking and prodding him every two hours.  Between their endeavours at monitoring his condition and worrying about Eilea and the kids, he could count the minutes of sleep he’d received.  Damn, he just wanted out of here!

The doctor arrived at his bedside, checked his chart and pronounced him ready to leave even though he felt he should stay a few more hours but the second he’d made his decision, Paul flew off the bed and hid the fact the world whirled in an arc around him.  Planting his feet solidly he said, “Great, doc, thanks.”

The doc turned at the door shook his head and said, “Take it easy, Paul.  Another crack on the head like that could be fatal.  This one was serious and you aren’t over it yet. Take some friendly advice, take it easy…go home, relax, laze about…you are on holidays, aren’t you?”

“Working holiday, yeah.”

Paul called to inform Eilea he was heading home and dressed as quickly as possible and headed out his door.  A friend was standing guard just outside the door.  “Hey, Paul, you heading home then?”

“Yeah, Harold, you give me a ride home?”


“I’m to stick to you like glue, not supposed to let you out of my sight so I suppose I’ll be hanging at your house for the day.”

Paul didn’t much care as long as Eilea and the kids were safe and he was home with them.

Dropping into the car had his head spinning and a muffled curse eminate from his mouth before he could stop it.  “You really ready to head home, Paul? You sound pretty rough.”

“Doc said so.”  Truth be told, he’d have found a way home even without permission.  As he sat in the passenger seat he ruminated on all the possibilities.  Relieved Eilea hadn’t left he was positive they were all in equal danger.  He’d wondered why the perp hadn’t gone after him first.  Seems his priorities were skewed, but now he too was a target and usually better able to defend himself.  He’d allowed himself to be lulled into a false sense of security, the safety in numbers thing, but that was a mistake.  Where there was a will, there was always a way. The second he was home, he’d call a meeting and stress the fact.  No one was to take anything for granted and if someone approached they didn’t know, or hadn’t been apprised was coming, they were to be escorted out of the area immediately after being taken to HQ for questioning and an in-depth background check.

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