Coal Harbour 001

Your precious love undoes me

Together living for each day

Oh how cherished it shall always be

Excitedly yearning now to play

Although somehow completely adrift

From all the trapping I am unmoored

It truly is a wondrous gift

Wrapped warmly instead assured

Surrounded by your love

It keeps me well aloft





17 thoughts on “Unmoored

        1. Awe, thank you, Chuck, and I have to agree, it was from the heart. I’m very touched you thought so. That alone moves me no end since every now and again validation is encouraging. I’ve been looking for you and didn’t see any entries on your behalf lately. Wasn’t sure if it was the problem I’ve been having seeing posts or …Anyway, delighted your here!

          1. I have not posted as often, lately. I am taking up writing my second book in the trilogy. I am 32,000 words into it now on the way to about 80,000.

          2. Oh congratulations! How exciting! It would definitely take thought and time and your such a brilliant writer. I enjoy your work so much. Oh and may I say, I really Love this pic of you. It’s completely brilliant and in tune with contemplation, writing and encourages wonderment. Love it!

          3. I have been stuck in a rut trying to add a new line of conflict into the plot. I think I am going to give that a rest and work on the ending of the book. Then I can come back and do some tinkering in a few choice places.

        1. I’ve been checking all day, must have missed it. I shall most definitely have a gander now ????????can’t find faces for wink wink nudge nudge hey hey, dang it, lol

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