If it were within my power

The entire earth I would scour

Collecting every possible colour

Offering you a rainbow in technicolour

Brilliant reds oranges blues and greens

Luminous colours never before seen

Infuse you with my love to go on living

Sun moon and stars glow shimmering

Always sharing the mundane and sublime

Infusing you with joy lasting a lifetime

Life is for living

Sometimes giving

Always sharing

With much caring

Often profound

If you surround

Yourself with endless possibilities

Sharing god given talent and ability

Look outside yourself

Sometimes inconveniencing oneself

Putting the other one first

Fears and concerns now dispersed



10 thoughts on “Infuse

          1. It’s 31 C so 78 F going to 81 tomorrow and this is very early. We don’t typically see this type of heat until end of June. I think it’s going to be a long hot summer πŸ™‚

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