Often it is obscured, the choice

Considerate thought before invoking voice

Shrouded in all kinds of smoke

The truth again and again cloaked

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Sitting pondering on bent knees

Until a whisper of pure light

Illuminates the path making it bright

Now moving forward shadows left behind

With a helping hand find peace of mind






15 thoughts on “Choice

          1. Hehe thats a good thing šŸ™‚ I don’t know many quite like me…hahaha I was beginning to think I was a relic…snickers loudly but you, your a forward thinker and I LOVE that!

          2. I wanted to dye my hair, hasn’t happened yet, for untold reasons, but soon as I do, I’ll send you a pic…and my lavender opened today, woot so as soon as it cools down, I’ll try to get some pics. It’s not much of a garden but it’s all I can do, and I love it so…it is precious …lol

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