I’m up, I’m down I’m all over the place

For the moment I am the only brace

When no one is looking I fall apart

From the depths of my soul I take heart

Trusting that all will end as it should

Ah, there, I knew it would


22 thoughts on “Hope

        1. It’s 80 as expected today, was 85 yesterday, at the moment its liveable, but we’ll surely cook when it hits 5- 9. Love the sun though I have to say. Just not used to it coming from a rainforest where you guessed it, it rained and even 80 which was rare there, was cool comparatively. How’s your day going? Hopefully, spectacular. 🙂

          1. The glory of having a kindergartener. I have a heel spur, which messed up my Achilles, which caused me to look change the way I walk… And that messed up my back, which then triggered my occipital nerve to cause a migraine… And it’s been two months of that. So… I’m slowly improving my back, which is easing my head, but not by much because of the weather and other triggers. It’s like I take one step forward and two back. ????????

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