Blindsided 30

Page 30 – Stalkers are like wolves

“Stalkers are like wolves watching an empty field.  At first, he thinks he’s clever, but if the field remains empty, he moves on. Stalkers love laying traps, threatening and scaring people. However, if no one notices them, no matter what they do, after a while they get bored and many simply go away.”

“Scare tactics work well. Seeing you’re afraid only encourages a repeat performance because it worked. While stalkers start off slow, if you react as expected, they get braver and braver feeling smarter than you, convinced you will never catch them.”

“For instance, a stalker will call to harasses you fully anticipating your anger (expecting fear will motivate a reaction).  If you react, in any way, the stalker feels they’ve won something but if you ignore them instead, they lost.”

“Having said that, understand this, they are above all persistent. They’ll try as many times as necessary to get the reaction they’re looking for. If a stalker calls you ten times, and the first nine times you don’t react, but on the tenth time you do, the stalker won. Now they’re willing to try twenty times.  Each time you react, you’re encouraging the stalker to try again.”

“Same goes with emails. Do not write or reply or tell everyone you know (one of them could be the stalker in disguise or could unwittingly tell the stalker your reaction).”

”Your first thought may be to use “mail controls” allowing you to block him.  Seems like a good idea, right? Unfortunately, this also encourages a stalker believing they’ve scared you into reacting, “forcing” you to block them. Print it for us then delete their email. It only takes a second on your end and probably took them ten minutes to write it, so you can keep them busy all night while wasting a few seconds of your time.”

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I’m not sure about you, but I like to snack

On strawberries and cream cheese and then smack

My lips as I taste the juicy meat inside

Delicious refreshing I cannot hide

My joy or delight, it’s freshness captivates

My tongue and tastebuds. they equally stimulate

A seasonal enchantment, eagerly awaited

Each bite anticipated and then celebrated

So many more snacks to enjoy

This is but one, so out of my way

Never get between me and my snack

Or you might definitely receive a mighty whack





Unique Blogger Award


Unique Blogger Award

Thank you Poetic Bliss for the Unique Blogger Award.  I tried adding your url but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.  I believe you live up to your name Unique Blogger and the award is well deserved.  Although I haven’t said much, I have followed you, and noticed our activity.  You have a beautiful smile a happy heart and great sense of humour 🙂

There weren’t any questions listed other than the ones you had been given, so I’ll use those if that’s ok.

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

If you could have your pick of book to make into movie, what would it be?

Although it would probably fall under the more light-hearted side of things, I’d really enjoy Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) Remember When in movie form.  It  involves  PI (Max Gannon) and the woman he’s investigating (Laine Tavish).  The chemistry is immediate.  She’s a strong determined woman, able to stand on her own and there is an interesting “mini” conflict between her taking care of herself and his take when she does.  Their relationship grows and thrives while thwaring a murderer targeting her to draw her grand father out.  It’s well thought out and their relationship grows stronger daily while thwarting a killer.

After living life on her own terms well away from the family of origin involved in all matter of skullduggery, she’s pulled into this situation with threats to her life while attempting to protect her wayward father whose become mixed up in a major diamond theft and the main perp is more than greedy and killing everyone involved in the heist in order to take all the diamonds for himself.

On the other hand, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing her series about Eve Dallas in movie form as it touches on a topic that most would find difficult to write about and how Eve  grows above and beyond the confines of her once horrific life along with an equally exciting husband (Roark) an exceptional duo.

What inspires you most about your blog?

What inspires me most about my blog, are the delightful writers, thoughtful men and woman young and old who stop by read and chat.  It’s inspirational sharing other’s lives who give and share some of the most delightful or painful or awkward moments, often with a great sense of humour.

What author inspires you?

I really can’t answer that question as I’ve read 100’s of thousands of books and many inspire me. Some because of their though provoking subject material, others because of their delightful humour, still others because they dare to tackle subjects that require truth, forthright committment and tenacity. On top of that I’m often deeply inspired by the blogs I read here.  Every day I tune in to see what the topic of the day is, or what others have found inspiring, which inspires me in turn.

What’s your favorite Disney song?

I probably would have to say I don’t have one as I can’t recall any that truly touch me (unless we’re talking about songs outside of cartoons).

The following are a list of writers I thoroughly enjoy and I’m sure you will too if you don’t already.  🙂

Unique Blogger Award

Marilyn Armstrong (Serendipity)

Sumyanna (Sumyanna’s blog)

Charles Waugh

Robert C. Day

Mick E. Talbot

What is the most touching or memorable blog you’ve written recently?

What qualities do you find most appealing in friends and associates?

How did you happen to begin blogging?





Magnetic attraction, always on my mind

Postive or negative, always leaves behind

A trace of evidence, leading to events

Currently on the sidelines, suddenly immense

Will our day bring joy and fun

Merriment for everyone

Or will we slide into old patterns

That leave us feeling scattered

It is indeed, a time for change

And with others now exchange

Nurturing upbeat happy thought

Leaving everyone in a better spot












Blindsided 8

Page 8 Staying at Cassy’s

Maggie figured Cassy must be  in considerable pain as she wasn’t her usual bubbly vivacious self…she wasn’t laughing or joking…and no one teased like Cassy.

“Cassy, you want to come and stay with me for a few days?”

She grinned, “No, I’ll feel more comfortable at home. I know where everything is, but you’re welcome to come camp out with me, if you’d like.  I could use the company right now.  I don’t want you to feel you have to wait on me hand and foot though.”

Seriously, Cassy, I’d feel a whole lot better knowing I’m close by if you need me.  I cook a mean burger too!”

“Well, that’s all the incentive I need!” Cassandra agreed.

Good, I’ll drop you off and head home for a few more clothes.  These just won’t do!  A girl’s got to keep her image up, right?”

“A must!” Cassandra agreed with a smile.  Maggy, the clothes horse, never wore the same outfit twice. Maybe mixed and matched, but never the exact same outfit.  Frankly, Cassandra didn’t know how she did it.  She had a real knack for looking beautiful, youthful; never overdone and always subtly sexy.  Cassandra often watched men’s mouths drop and their brains go to mush as she walked by, while Maggie, was completely oblivious to the carnage left in her wake.

Maggie was a stunning natural blond, with blue eyes and gentle curves, long legs, and just plain beautiful.  Inside and out!

Meanwhile, Dr. Jamison had finished seeing clients at the office and began hitting the textbooks and making phone calls.  He was researching a number of things – all to do with Cassandra Jeffreys.  Nothing he found made sense but he was going to find the answer, he had to! Her condition was eyesight threatening. 

He’d deliberately skirted telling her the severity of her condition, omitting the risk factor unwilling to frighten her any more than necessary. Luckily she hadn’t asked any questions this time round, but he knew they would come. 

Transitioning through any loss of sight would be extremely difficult, but she was a young beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her.  The amount of pain involved would be intense and troubling for her.  If his information was correct, she was definitely in this situation for the long haul.

Wandering around her home, she thought about the delectable colours she chosen to decorate and enhanced her space.

Her grandmother had bestowed several cherry wood antiques on her; the sideboard and hutch sat in the dining room.  She’d added an oval, dark wood table and six deep cranberry coloured chairs rather than mimicked the look of cherry wood.   

The entrance was a delicate cream.  She decided the crowning glory of the house was the front door, a true labour of love.  After staining the entire door and jam a beautiful rich cherry wood, she’d artfully created her own stained glass window as the centerpiece.  It had taken months to finish in the confines of her two car garage with one half given over to her creative work space, leaving enough room for a vehicle.

It spanned the length and breadth of the six foot door, and when closed, created a circle.  She’d used beveled glass for added richness with a one inch border two inches inside the beveled glass with smaller pieces of rectangular beveled opaque pieces.  Then she’d painstakingly added large triangles and inside each of these she’d inset dogwood flowers, their creamy white centers rich dark brown stems and elegant leaves, clearly outlined. Rich, warm, and welcoming, it made a dramatic statement and it was beautiful.

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Blindsided 7

Page 7  Spending the Night

Maggie turned the TV on and Cassy tried to watch but other than a blur of light, she found painful, it was pointless and she sat in silence, sipping at her rum and coke.

Finally, exhaustion overtook her and she turned in.  Everything would look better in the morning, right?

Purposefully hurting her hadn’t been his intent, incapacitating her had been his goal. Fixing her contact solution had been a brilliant stroke of genius but hurting her hadn’t been his intent; incapacitating her had been his goal, he hadn’t fully expected these consequences.  From all the info he’d collected, it was supposed to be a short-term affect.  She’d never forgive him.  He’d have to win her back somehow.  The question was how.

After checking out of the hotel, they drove straight to Jamison’s office with a few minutes to spare. Maggy wasn’t sure how to respond. She wanted to reassure her friend everything would be alright but admitted the situation was well beyond her scope of understanding.

Dr. Jamison walked into the waiting area and smiling gently said, “Miss Jeffreys, if you’ll follow me?”  He reexamined her eyes.  “I want you back here on Friday.” At Cassy’s surprised looked, he continued, “It’s imperative that I consistently and carefully monitor your eyes and progress as well as any changes which might occur that could necessitate a modification in treatment.” Stupefied, Cassy agreed.  “Ok, I’ll be here.” Her mind was in a complete fog.

“I’ve set up another appointment for 2:00, here’s my card. The highways can be hectic this time of year, so if you’re delayed, just give the office a call and I’ll wait.  I usually close at 3:00.  It’s imperative that you keep your appointment,” he admonished.

Maggy piped up, “She will, doc.”

“If there are any changes in your vision, or should the pain level become any worse, call my office and come back immediately!  Understood?”

Aloud, Cassy agreed while secretly asking herself, as compared to what?  She couldn’t see now and wondered what she was supposed to compare the pain to; wasn’t it bad enough already?

On the drive back home, they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a sit-down restaurant.

Cassy lived up to her name.  Her slim curvaceous figure, brown eyes, chocolate brown hair and milky white complexion were show stoppers.  Maggy teasingly told her she was actress tall, not model tall while she on the other hand, was model tall at five ten with gentle curves herself.

They ate at a leisurely pace so it was late by the time they were on the road again, and heading home. Cassy napped fitfully, but she slept. That was a good thing Maggy decided.

An hour later, she woke and sipped from the bottled water she’d bought at the gas station before leaving Comox.  “Hey, I’m sorry.  That was rude.”

“No, it’s fine.  You should sleep!  I would, but hey, someone’s got to drive…next time, you think we could get a limo…that way, we can both sleep.”

Cassy agreed with a snigger, “Yeah, let’s do that!”

Cassy wasn’t her usual bubbly vivacious self, and who could blame her.  Still she hoped it wouldn’t be long before she was her old laughing joking no holds barred teasing self.

“Cassy, you want to come and stay with me for a few days?”

Blindsided 8                                                                              Blindsided 6

Blindsided 29

Blindsided 29 – Who will be effected

“That’s just it, Cassandra, it is exactly what they do.” Myerson asked where the washroom was and when Cassandra gestured which direction, he excused himself.

Wandering back to check on the coffee and pour herself another cup, Maggy stated in disgust, “I can’t believe people are forced to live like that or worse leave everyone they love and everything they hold dear! Its absolutely ludicrous that anyone could get away with the total destruction of another’s life and livelihood.”

Rejoining the two women who had once again taken their seats, he asked, “Ready?”

Cassandra’s vitriolic reply held little back, “No, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.  It’s insanity!”

“I’ve deal with these kinds of cases for 15 years.  It never gets any easier and it’s never any less complicated nor does it vary overmuch.”

“Another tool stalkers often use is blackmail.  Another tactic is extortion – extracting something of value whether money or threats  or something else, it’s a well used tool for stalkers.  Don’t fall for it!  They’ll say anything, do anything, to scare you and throw you off balance.”

Concern clearly evident Cassy asked, “Are you posting officers around all my family and friends?”  Cassandra asked concerned.

“Not at the moment.  Most of your family are far enough afield I doubt they’ll be of any particular interest to him.  That can and will change if necessary should he shift his focus to include them!” The look in his eye assured her he would take any and all precautions he felt necessary.

Blindsided 30                                                                                          Blindsided 28

Data Base Issues

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll probably become lost in all the revisions and additions I’ve been making.

I bought my own space and my son transferred my site over.  Unfortunately, the data base we were used was corrupted and I lost many of my posts during the time period involved.  Consequently, I’ve been re-writing and changing posts so they make sense.

The new database seems solid and I haven’t lost anything in a week so I’m sure this one will remain in good standing.  As a result, I’ve lost many followers as my name has changed (we couldn’t use the original) and I’m delighted that with time, many are now able to find me again.

Please hang in there as I add back lost posts (some of which will undoubtedly change as I can’t recall what I’d written the first time, weeks ago.

Once this is done, I’ll try to add previous and next to the “novel” items that I’ve written including blindsided, nathan and go on from there.  While attempting to do this, I found many pages missing.  I find myself in the unenviable position of having to re-read each post and determining whether it lines up with the last page (and this is not easy as I changed and upgraded and edited much of what I’d previously  posted) and I’m hoping that it will continue to make sense as I go on.

Unfortunately, the Next and Previous additions don’t always seem to work.  Whether it’s the lag time involved or updating, not sure, but sometimes they seem to work fine, with or without colour, and sometimes I can’t get the page to edit.  I’ll get there (frustration and annoyance aside) it’s a good thing and I’m hoping will make it easier for those of you who follow and don’t wish to participate in endless scrolling (seriously, who has time ) to do it since we all live incredibly busy lives and want to relax read and enjoy, not go on a hunting expedition. lol.

So, thank you all my stallwart friends for hanging in there, for enjoying and for participating.  I truly love and enjoy your chats and posts they are the best part of my day on this writing journey.  Totally enjoy you all. And once again, thank you.



Ok, have to ask, how many of you immediately thought of the song, “Sunny”?  Honestly it took me awhile to remember the writer and singer, Hebb.  His name didn’t instantly come to mind, but the song sure did.  Let’s face it, it was a momentous moment in time, J. F. K.  Assassinated and his brother murdered on the same day in time.  In response he wrote “Sunny”.

What about the “Keep on the Sunny Side” The Carter Sisters or Monty Pythons “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

Although having suffered countless tragedies, my friends when I was a kid always said, “You’re a little Pollyanna, aren’t you?”  I’m really dating myself now, if you know Walt Disney’s Pollyanna.  In retrospect, I guess it’s true.  I always think positive, upbeat, happy, and see the good in everyone.  That doesn’t mean I have blinders on and ignore the negative  miserable or hateful individuals out there, and there are some.  So filled with anger at “whoever”  they can’t get on with life and become stuck in hating, their goal bringing everyone down to their level and can’t get on with life.r

Others are  so filled with anger at “whoever” they can’t get on with life stuck hating mom, dad, brothers, sisters, someone for making a tragedy of their lives.

Depression is anger turned inward.  Those afraid to speak about what or whom has made them angry turn that emotion inward because that’s “safe”.  It isn’t safe to be angry at whoever truly is responsible for their situation past or present.

That realization, understanding and acceptance will free the individual so they can live a more productive and even happy lifestyle.  I’m not blaming the individual either since they aren’t aware of what the route problem is. This may be an over simplification but  anger is a negative emotion and destructive when it’s the only emotion that drives you.

On the other hand, you have the choice of living for the betterment of your life, your familie’s life and others around you, whether friends or the community you live in.  Perhaps it is frustrating when events don’t change as quickly as we’de like, but I am of the firm opinion that nothing changes if we don’t try, if we don’t make an effort.

Having a sunny disposition

Is never an imposition

Detractors think your not aware

You’re floating on castles in the air

When in fact you rise and shine

Following the tide, never a straight line

It ebbs and flows and meets the shore

Changing places never the same as before

Freely lapping splashing dipping too and fro

Whether it be a ocean’s edge or a chateau

Absorbing feeling sharing your love

Opening up  a whole different world of

Possibilities both endless and new

Fresher livlier happier too.






Blindsided 16

Page 16   Trips and havoc

“These trips are playing havoc with my business and our lives.”

“Cassy, it’s exceedingly essential you keep up your regular appointments.”  Hesitating for a fraction of a second he continued, “This disease is eye-sight threatening.”

Chapter 3

“Stunned, she stared silently.  His words made no sense.  “What did you say?”  She continued to stare at him as though he’d grown two heads.

“Your test results are in and unfortunately, they were inconclusive.  We’re going to have to do another scraping to narrow the disease down.”

“Oh god no.”

“I’m sorry.  I know it’s painful, Cassy, but it’s essential. We must find an effective treatment to heal your eyes.  In the meantime, we’re going to change your drops and try something else.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I believe what you have is called Acanthameoba.  The lab’s attempts at growing the scrapings has been unsuccessful so far.  This disease has become problematic due to contact lenses and poor maintenance.  However, we checked your solution as well as your contacts when you were here last.  They were clean.” He paused thoughtfully then continued, “Another possibility would be through contaminated water. Have you had any accidents?  Was something splashed in your eyes?”


“Acanthameoba is not transmittable it had to be introduced directly.” He paused before continuing, “This is primarily a third world country disease and the odds of it surviving are astronomical since it cannot survive in cold climates.”

“Then how did I get it?”

“That’s one of the issues I’m trying to ascertain.”

“There has been some progress, your right eye has healed quite well. The drops I am giving you now are primarily for maintenance.”

“The left eye has progressed to a 17% ulceration ratio, which is a great improvement but we aren’t there yet.”

“I’m relieved to hear that.” Her remarked was echoed on a sigh of relief.

“It is a good sign, although it should have progressed faster than this.  Still, I am considerably relieved,” he informed her.

“Continue these new drops as before, every hour.  We will re-evaluate on Friday when you come back.”

“Should anything change, call me and get back here immediately.  Here are my pager number and cell numbers. I am giving these to you because of the distance involved and because I know you won’t abuse the privilege.”

“I don’t know what to say. This is distressing news.  I have never had trouble with my eyes and I take care of my contacts.  This seem completely implausible, though obviously possible.  I simply don’t understand how this could have happened.”


Blindsided 17                                                                                      Blindsided 15

Blindsided 15

Both Cassandra and Maggy felt equally unsettled. Cassandra woke feeling exhausted; she’d slept poorly in part because her eyes bothered her and as a result of the constables warning which kept playing over and over in her mind. Porsche lifted his head eyeing her sudden movements to mew so quietly she barely heard him.  She reached out and gently ruffled his fur before rising.  “Hey baby cat, you interested in breakfast?”  He jumped off the bed and padded down the stairs beside her.  Cassandra carried on with her usual morning routine, giving Porsche fresh water and filling his food bowl even before making coffee.

Maggy noted Cassandra’s pale cheeks and remarked, “Doesn’t seem as though you got much sleep either.”

Cassandra explained her troubled night and Maggy surprisingly agreed, “Same and I can’t exaplain it.  There’s something about this whole situation that has me feeling uneasy.  There was something about that guy on the library steps that just felt off.  After the Constable’s cautionary words, well,” she left the sentenced unfinished.

“Your next appointment is in two days away, isn’t it?”

“How is your boss with all the time off?”

“I’ve got plenty of vacation time coming.”

“Well this isn’t a vacation, running up and down island, looking after me.”

“It’s ok by me, Cassy, really!”

Maggy kept her eyes peeled for anything unusual until they reached the shop.  She didn’t feel any less anxious though.

Later, while dressing and changing the window, Cassy had Shawna kept tabs on the library steps in case he returned.  Thankfully, the next two days flew by without incident and they relaxed into the new routine.

Dr. Jamison greeted her with a warm smile, “How are the drops working?”

“Painful, very painful.  I don’t know if the cure is any better than the disease at this point.”  A sympathetic look crossed is face.

“Other than difficulty with the drops, have you noticed any new developments?”

“I’m not really sure, Dr. Jamison.  What is the prognosis, my vision certainly hasn’t changed, it’s a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute scenario.  I don’t know what to make of it.”

“Your eyes playing tricks on you?” he asked.

“Is that how you see it?” she asked.

Page 16                                                                                  Page 14

Blindsided 14

“Cassandra, why don’t I get the blackboard ready to hang?  I can list the prices for the smoothies, juices, coffee and tea?  Then we can get someone in to hang i?”

“That’s a great idea!” Cassandra agreed.

“You know, Cassy, it’s a brilliant idea.  Mom and dad can shop in peace while the kids enjoy a smoothie or juice or just play in the play area; a real stroke of genius if you ask me.”

“The play area seems to be a big hit.  I’m hoping the juice bar will be too, even though it means constant monitoring.”

“What about moving the divider over or putting your fence here,” she motioned to the section in question, “Tots need help getting out and parents have to assist in monitoring and clean up.  What do you think?”

“Exactly!”  Cassandra agreed.  “We’re not “babysitters” or a licensed daycare facility.  If they wish to avail themselves of the service provided while browsing, no problem but they can’t leave their children unattended.”

“It means vigilance on our part, since there will be a few willing to give it a try.  Mom/ dad can place matching sticky name tags on their children and themselves.”

“I love that idea, Shawna, brilliant!  We can keep tabs on who comes and goes and if we turn it into a game…”

“Listen, I know you must be tired. I think we can call it a day.  It’s been exceedingly quiet for the last half hour.  Why don’t you head home?  I’ll close up.”

“I’ll gladly take you up on that offer. I’m feeling beat. I’ll do the day end sheets, I’ll do them tomorrow,” Shawna promised on a half yawn.

At five o’clock, she closed the shop and was heading outside as Maggy turned into the parking lot.  Cassandra waved tapped her head and went to retrieve her drops.  She’d locked the door and turned to head toward Maggy when she spotted a man on the library steps.  It was an automatic response, as one does with someone new and different catches your eye.  Constable McKinney’s cautionary statement had her feeling edgy.

She immediately filled Maggy in on the day and Maggy in turn told her about the eerie feelings she’d had earlier spotting the guy on the library steps.  Their discussion confirmed it was probably the same man but when they turned to look he’d vanished.

“I don’t know how long he was out there.  I didn’t see him earlier.  I’ll have to ask Shawna.”

Their next stop was the grocery store.  Maggy couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that persisted, even though she hadn’t spotted anyone unusual.

Hauling the groceries inside they glanced at each other and said, ‘Moe’s’.  Maggy made a production out of rolling up her sleeves before dialing to order two chicken souvlaki roll-ups and Caesar salads.  Then they put the groceries away and flopping onto the sofa Maggy said, “Man I’m glad you agreed.  I’m just not into cooking tonight.”

“No, nor was I.”

“Want to see what’s on TV, perhaps a movie?”

“Sure, whatever you like.”

Since they were comfortably settled, Porsche hopped up and rubbed against Cassy’s hand. He quickly settled himself across her lap demanding attention.  “Hello beautiful.”  Cassandra absently patted him as the movie played.  He gently nipped her fingers and she let him relax into sleep as they watched  the movie and he moved when dinner arrived.

Page 15                                                                                   Page 13

Blindsided 13

“I’ll be there in a minute, have to do the drops.”  Cassandra put in the first of the drops and stamping her feet and gritting her teeth; god they hurt so much!  She could only describe the results as hot coals attached to knives scraping her eyeball.  It was excruciatingly painful. Curiosity got the better of her and she wobbled to Shawn’a side and asked, “What does it say, what’s so weird about it?”

“It says, ‘Your mine!’ and it looks like blood dripping in tears across the page.”

Joining Shawna, Cassandra bent closer to the monitor and tried to read it.  “I can’t quite make it out but that is bizarre.”

“There are more…shall we?”

“Absolutely, I’m strangely curious now,” Cassandra commented with a mixture of curiosity and nervous concern.

So they went through over a dozen other emails from the ‘mystery man’

“This one says, ‘EveRY brEATh  tAKen, I’ll be WatChinG yOu.’ The next one says, ‘BABy I’m waNTin yoU’ and then, let’s see, ‘Have you eVeR reAlly trIeD rEacHing ouT for thE oThEer siDe’.  “There are three more repetitions of these followed by the last one that says, ‘don’t fORGet it’ or the coSt wiLL be yoURs.’

“This is really creepy.  You know, I wouldn’t normally put too much stock in something like this but there are too many emails to ignore for a random act.”

“I would think so, Cassy, since they came on different days and were recorded at different times.  It feels premeditated, purposeful.  I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve got the cold chills crawling over my skin,” she admitted, rubbing her hands up and down her own arms before wrapping them securely around herself for comfort.

Cassandra dialed 911.


Chapter 2

She explained to dispatch what had occurred and although the woman on the desk didn’t sound particularly interested, she confirmed a constable would arrive as soon as he was available.

A half hour later, a tall good looking man wandered through the front door.  Although a few men accompanied their wife partner or girlfriend, few dared enter alone.

A friendly smiled and twinkle in her eye, Shawna welcomed him, “Hi, can I help you?”

“Yes, someone called about mysterious email….” he said once he’d reached the counter, measuring her as he spoke.

“Oh, yeah, that was Cassandra, the owner….hang on I’ll get her.”

Poking her head into the inventory room, Shawna told Cassandra the constable had arrived.”

The officer noted a beautiful young woman, about 25, 26 he figured, and gorgeous.

Flipping out his badge he introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Constable McKinney.”

Holding out a hand Cassandra said, “Hi, Cassandra Jeffreys, the owner of Precious Little Gifts.”

“You mentioned receiving mysterious emails?”

“I don’t use my email account here for anything other than work.  These emails are addressed to me, personally via the company name and they are weird and disturbing, enough I felt I should call.”

“Ok, let’s take a look.”

“You’ll have to navigate yourself I’m afraid as I’m having some difficulty with my eyes at present.”

He took a closer look and noted very red and sore looking eyes.  “Allergies?”

“No.  Unfortunately it’s a little more serious than that.”

He turned his attention back to the computer and began scrolling through the messages.  “Well . . . what have we here?” he said thoughtfully.

“Do you have any idea who this could be?”

“No idea.”

“What about the content, does it ring any bells?”

“Vaguely;  although, I’m not sure why,” Cassandra admitted.

“It appears they were all sent after my trip down island on Saturday.”

Looking up at her he asked, “Your trip?”

“Yes, to see an Ophthalmologist about my eyes,” she explained.

“You got back when?”

“Late Tuesday night.”

“I need to print these off and take them with me.  Don’t delete the originals leave them for our compu-tech to read; he should be able to discern where they originated from,” he informed her.  He asked the regular questions she’d expected and then some she hadn’t.  “Any irritated ex- lovers, boyfriends, husbands?”

“Not recently.  I was involved for a while with a man down island. We met on a buying trip but wemutually agreed, quite amicably, it wasn’t working so we called it off,” she stated matter of factly.

“We may have a problem here. I’m going to check in with a detective unit that specializes in unsolicited email attention.  See what they think; either way I’ll get back to you.”

“Please call the detachment if you receive any more of this!”  He waved the copies up and down, “or if you feel concerned at all, give us a call.”

“Such as?”

“This may be an unfortunate hoax sent to the wrong email.  Having said that, be alert and aware of your surroundings – watch for anything out of the ordinary – any other unusual emails, unusual packages, especially if you weren’t expecting any to hang ups, message on your phones here or at home and finally, if you’re followed. Call us immediately.”

“Ok, thank you, Officer McKinney.  I’ll do that.”

Shawna joined her, all agog, “Well, what did he say?” Cassandra filled her in then put it out of her mind as the store got busy.

Page 14                                                                              Page 12

Blindsided 9

Throughout the house, she’d used dark wood flooring.  To complement the deep rich tones, she’d used a variety of white in tone on tone, from vanilla to creamy magnolia.  Cove mouldings to built in book cases on either side of the fireplace were whipping cream white.

To complement the front entrance, she’d inlaid the front bay window with a picture of a magnolia, cut into sections, using intricate pieces of glass covering both the middle and side sections, which in turn was framed with frosted glass in the center for privacy.

She’d used an eclectic mixture of white and deep cranberry furnishings complimented by cherry wood accessories.   The lamps white ceramic bases were topped with hand made stained glass covers, the center contained a butterfly, another an iris, another dogwoods and the final section, a woman wearing a big floppy hat.

The whipping cream white entertainment ceiling to floor unit housed all her electrical equipment  and a significant collection of movies, records, dvd’s and tapes.

A modern kitchen contained deep cherry wood cabinets containing  inset opaque glass using the same solid cream butterflies, irises, and dogwoods used in the lampshades.   

The countertops were black granite with silver flecks and she’d gone with a stainless steel sink, since it wasn’t a priority, choosing instead to put the money into the stainless steel fridge, stove, and dishwasher instead.

She’d added single pane French doors off the dining room to enable a clear unobstructed view of the lush lawns and beautiful gardens she’d created in her back yard.

 More of the same single pane French doors at the top end of the living room opened to a barbecue pit where she could enjoy the evening, unobserved from the street as it was flanked by the garage. 

The downstairs bathroom wa painted in misty blue and cream and more stained glass.  She’d created a frame around the mirror, using delicate flowers in each corner, and beveling the sides from edge to edge which acted as connectors.  She accented with lush towels in a color called ocean cliff and the taps were highly polished stainless steel.

She’d created a spa atmosphere, with warmer more welcoming tones adding containers for candles, lush velour white towles and soft blue accents. The window was covered with plantation shutters for added privacy.

 Her bedroom was cream and pale blue.  More of her grandmother’s cherry wood antiques graced the room in the shape of a four poster bed, and seat.  Along with modern end tables and reading lamps, a cream, pink, lavender and soft green comforter added that relaxed atmosphere she’d been looking for, without being overly feminine.

 Another joy, were the French doors leading to her own private balcony overlooking her garden, and one she enjoyed nightly, weather permitting. 

 The main upstairs bath was also white, with a bowl sink, and modern decor, obtaining it’s warmth from the stained glass accompaniments she’d designed herself.

 She loved her home, and delighted in what she’d managed to accomplish with lots of hard work, and elbow grease.  Every nook, every cranny, bespoke thought, warmth, comfort and welcome, but most of all, it was home. 

 Cassandra owned a beautiful little store…not a boutique exactly, but a modern little shop that catered to babies, youngsters, pregnant mothers, and teenagers up to size 16.  She had moved the store a year and a half ago to its new location and she couldn’t complain about the results.

 Although the overhead was more, her sales had increased as well due to the visibility factor.  She had an assistant that she called in from time to time, and this was going to be one of those occasions.

Page 10                                                                                  Page 8

Blindsided 7

Purposefully hurting her hadn’t been his intent, incapacitating her was his goal. Fixing her contact solution had been a brilliant stroke of genius, partially accomplishing his goal. He hadn’t fully expected these consequences.  From all the info he’d collected, it was supposed to be a short term affect.  She’d never forgive him.  He’d have to win her back  but how?

 After checking out of the hotel, they drove straight to the hospital with a few minutes to spare.

Maggy wasn’t sure what to say or do.  Although she wanted to reassure her friend everything would be alright she admitted the situation was well beyond her scope of understanding.

Dr. Jamison walked into the waiting area and smiling gently said, “Miss Jeffreys, if you’ll follow me?”  He reexamined her eyes.  “I want you back here on Friday.” At Cassandra’s surprised looked, he continued, “It’s imperative that I consistently and carefully monitor your eyes and progress as well as any changes which might occur that could necessitate a modification in treatment.” Stupefied, Cassandra agreed.  “Ok, I’ll be here,” she said, her mind in a fog.

“I’ve set up another appointment for 2:00 at my office, here’s my card. The highways can be hectic this time of year, so if you’re delayed, just give the office a call and I’ll wait.  I usually close at 3:00.  It’s imperative that you keep your appointment,” he admonished.

Maggy piped up, “She will, doc.”

“If there are any changes in your vision, or should the pain level become any worse, call my office and come back immediately!  Understood?”

Aloud, Cassandra agreed while secretly asking herself, as compared to what?  She couldn’t see now and wondered what she was supposed to compare the pain to; wasn’t it bad enough already?

On the drive back home, they stopped to grab a bite to eat and she would have been humiliated at the commotion surrounding her as Maggy guided her around.

Several glanced their way wondering what had happened to this beautiful woman…and she was beautiful.  Cassandra lived up to her name.  Her slim curvaceous figure, brown eyes, chocolate brown hair and milky white complexion were show stoppers.  Maggy teasingly told her she was actress tall, not model tall.  While she on the other hand, was model tall.  Maggy was five foot ten and slim with gentle curves herself.

They ate at a leisurely pace so it was late by the time they were on the road again, and heading for home. Cassy slept, fitfully, but she slept. That was a good thing Maggy decided.

An hour later, she woke and sipped from the bottled water she’d bought at the gas station before leaving Comox.  “Hey, I’m sorry.  That was rude.”

“No, it’s fine.  Why shouldn’t you sleep?  I would!  But hey, someone’s got to drive…next time, you think we could get a limo…that way, we can both sleep.”

Cassandra agreed with a snigger, “Yeah, let’s do that!”

Blindsided 28

Blindsided 28 -Tapping phones

Maggy suddenly asked, “Is my phone tapped too?”

“Yes, it is, I didn’t have time to warn you.” His tone was unapologetic.  “I needed to move quickly and I didn’t want to wait for another court order.  Basically, it’s covered under the same umbrella.  Cassandra is here and wherever she is, the protection order stands.”

“Ok, where were we?  In some cases a stalker sends fabulous gifts in an bid to buy your love.  Avoid the temptation to return to sender.  Please, keep any correspondence or “presents” and try to handle it as little as possible as it could be useful as evidence.”

His intently watchful eyes darted between the two women and he settled on Maggy as she seemed the most stunned, at the moment, “I can tell you find this unbelievable and more, overwhelming.  I realize I’ve overloaded your senses hence the written print out.”

“To put it mildly.  I’m completely baffled because I’m having a difficult time absorbing all this.  It seems to fantastical to be real.”

“I’m afraid there’s more.  Need another break for a few?”

“I wouldn’t mind.  I think I need some fresh air!”  Getting up to wander outside, the others watched as she lifted her head skyward and breathed deeply.

“I certainly empathize with Maggy.  It seems impossible one person could sneak into your life and take it over.”

Blindsided 29                                                             Blindsided 27

Blindsided 27

Page 27 – Info on handling stalkers

“Inform friends, family and neighbours of the situation, so they can keep an eye out for you.”

The magnitude of the situation punched Cassandra in the gut. “My God, this is outrageous!”

“Checking your home security is a must.  Be absolutely sure every door and window is locked and all your keys are accounted for.  In fact, I suggest you call in a locksmith and have the entire place re-done with new locks, since he’s obviously already gained entry.”

“I guess as long as we’re at Maggy’s, that doesn’t present much of a problem,” Cassandra said, “but I fully intend moving back home.  I will not allow him to destroy my life.”

“Since I doubt I could talk you out of it, then make sure someone is there with you. If you avoid being alone, you’ll feel less vulnerable while limiting the possibility for weird creepy people to make advances.”  Cassandra and Maggy exchanged knowing glances.

Cassandra interrupted long enough to explain about the objects in her house that had been moved.

“So, he/she has been watching you for a while and has taken advantage of your current condition.  He’s bold.”  Myerson reflected.

“Your actions will push his buttons, it’s important you remember that, and his response won’t always be predictable either which means you must be ready and vigilent.”

“I strongly suggest you reconsider your daily routines and re-arrangewhat you can and vary your movements.  The less predictable you are, the harder it is for anyone to track you down.”

“That one won’t be difficult since it has changed completely already,” Cassandra mentioned the plans for the store.

“I’ll contact Shawna and explain the situation and for now, have an officer checking every few hours unless the situation escalates.”

“There are many complex reasons why someone becomes drawn to stalking. Every situation is unique, but whatever motives your personal-botherer, aim to keep all contact to a minimum. Any form of communication risks fuelling his conviction that his attention is justified.”

“Even attempting to reason with him could make things worse, which is why the most effective thing you can do, is what you have already done, to notify us. At this point, we can’t take any risks.  The sooner we identify him, the sooner we can catch him.”

“For example, should he start calling you, try not to sound startled or alarmed.  Simply put the receiver to one side, leave it like that for a couple of minutes before replacing it – that way the caller gets a taste of his/her own medicine without any encouragement from you.  This is much easier said than done, believe me.  Because at some point, despair, frustration or rage is going to war with what you know you should do.”

“I’ve already informed the phone company and they prepared and waiting.  Your phones are tapped, and all incoming calls are monitored.”  Cassandra was staggered by the information he’d imparted.

“God, I didn’t realize the situation was this serious and definitely not this involved.”

“It’s as serious as it is complex,” he said, compassion momentarily overshadowing concern.

Blindsided 28                                                                 Blindsided 26




In some cases making new friends

Lifestyles we are able to blend

Whether local or far away places

Exchanging meaningful embraces

Sharing cultures both old and new

Fresh delights too many to pursue

Learning customs of faraway places

Opening ourselves up in new stages

Incorporating new always considerate

Refreshing exciting and although different

A welcome insight into how we can change

Adding what’s new no longer seems strange
















I follow in your footsteps

I run in your wake

I shake in your truth.


I smile at the thought

I laugh at the pain

I howl at the reality.


I cringe at the sound

I shudder at the sight

I quake at the taste.

My despair is complete.

Maxine made me laugh and I had to add a thought on the aches and pains of getting older 🙂  Cringing with every step.


Blindsided 26

Page 26 info on stalking

“Ready to continue?”

“God there’s more?”  Maggy asked disgustedly. “I mean a stalker has black marks up the wazoo.  What more could you possibly add?”


“Mostly, stalkers use harassment or annoyance to obtain their goal.  Don’t forget, stalkers can be extraordinarily dangerous.  If they become frustrated in their quest for the love of their victim, they can become violent.”

“The majority of cases don’t end in murder, but enough do every year that victims must not brush aside the possibility.  Don’t make the mistake of taking the crime lightly no matter who the stalkers are or how close they have been emotionally.”

“Am I trying to scare you?  You bet!  Your life depends on it.  Remembering what I am telling you can and will save your life. The person stalking you, will eventually make it clear that if he can’t have you, then no one will.”

“You lost me!”  Cassandra said perplexed.

“The damage in your home told us that.  He wants to destroy anything and everything outside the world he perceives he has with you.”

“I’ve brought some printed material that outlines what I’ve just explained and I want you to read it, feel it, believe it, think about it, whatever it takes to remember it and engrave on your mind.  This is your bible from now on! I can’t stress this enough!”

“What’s more, it’s going to become a bible for every close associate, acquaintance, family member, and friend you have.  Spend time with or interact with on a regular basis.”

“No matter what you consider as unusual, consider it a problem and contact us immediately!  We’ll be monitoring the situation and we’ll have officers dispatched asap.”

“Look carefully again at the traits listed, memorize them and be wary of anyone that seems to fit the bill. Keep them foremost in your mind.  Don’t be afraid of feeling paranoid; it will keep you alive.”

  1. Won’t take no for an answer
  2. Has an obsessive personality
  3. Above average intelligence
  4. No or few personal relationships
  5. Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
  6. Low self esteem
  7. Sociopathic thinking
  8. Has a mean streak

“You’ve already enlisted our help.  That was a very important first step.  Next step is starting a diary and recording every incident in detail. Think in terms of evidence when you write, it will help later.  Don’t worry about what you report, it’s your personal safety that is at risk.  We won’t take anything lightly, I assure you.”

“Do you have an answering machine?” at Cassandra’s nod he continued, “I want you to tape every call, and keep every letter or package and anything else you think may have come from him; it can all be used later to prosecute him.”

Blindsided 27                                                              Blindsided 25




Some would say all life is illusion

Thereby creating constant confusion

The difference between magical tricks

And real life that need not be fixed

Is embodied by experiences beliefs

Even love and understanding seals

A lifetime of experiences opens the door

To understanding what is real and more

Trust your instincts they are undeniable

As real as it gets and very reliable







Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

This is a personal recipe I find quite delicious so thought I’d share it with you.  I’ll type the original recipe and my additions in quotations as I always play with a recipe and so far the additions have been a phenomenal  hit.  So hopefully it will work out well for you.  Enjoy 🙂

Beat together:   3/4 C. Butter, 2 C. Sugar

Beat in:                   3 Eggs (large) one at a time, beating well each time

In seperate bowl:  2 1/2 C. Flour, 1/2 C. Cocoa ( 3/4), 1 tsp Cinnamon

Add:  2 C. Grated Zucchini (3) and 1/2 C. Milk ( 3/4) to  sugar and butter and stir well

Add to dry ingredients alternately beating well after each addition (not runny but smooth and liquidy)

Stir in:  2 tsp Vanilla ( 2 1/2), 1 C. Nuts if desired.

Divide into 2 loaf pans and bake 350 for 1 hour or until done.

Ice with a mixture of Icing Sugar and Lemon until smooth and drizzle over top.

All that’s left is to enjoy! 🙂

Blindsided 25

Page 25 Myerson fills the women in on stalking

“Ok, I have a question, if I may.”


“Why is all this protection necessary?  I don’t understand all the precautions; I haven’t been physically threatened and I’m not a VIP…”

“First off the department wants needs to make a statement regarding stalking.  They don’t play by the rules.” Maggy and Cassy looked at each other in bewilderment while trying to absorb what his words and their meaning. “You may have heard of several movie stars recently who ended up having stalkers even go so far as to try to kill them.”

“Yes, I did, but I never paid much attention to the reports,” she confessed nonchalantly.

“Unless you’ve had reason to be concerned or involved in a stalking situation, most would agree with you feeling it was some wild Hollywood attention grab,” Detective Myerson told Cassy, “However, it is real, very real and happening much more frequently than you’re aware.”

“Because of the prevalence of stalking, several agencies have worked in conjunction with psychologists and more importantly, with some co-operative stalkers to come up with a working abstract.”

“It’s impossible to give you an abridged description which means I’m going to explain in detail how this works. I can’t stress enough how essential it is that you pay close attention to what I am about to explain and heed every word because it could save your life.”  Cassy gulped involuntarily, startled by his words. The timber of his voice brooked attention and carried an intent fierceness both compelling and frightening.

“By definition, a stalker, is a person totally involved in and completely committed with pursuing someone who has no interest nor will ever have any interest in them.”

“Stalkers refuse to believe this, deluding themselves into believing the victim actually loves them but isn’t aware of it. In their mind, their “loved one” must simply be pushed into that realization, by any means necessary.  For as long as they continue pursuing their victim, the stalker can convince themselves they haven’t been completely rejected yet.”

“I can’t emphasize this enough – They will not take no for an answer!” Maggy sat straighter in her chair, the force of his words slamming against her mind.

“Stalkers display an obsessive personality. It goes beyond interest to total obsession with the person they are pursuing.  Every waking thought centers on the object of their desire, and every plan the stalker has for the future involves that victim, in this case, you!”




Blindsided 26                                                                 Blindsided 24












Some are afraid to commit

Fearing entanglement they admit

Yet commit means  to accomplish

Possibly finishing that which will astonish

Whether it be a poem of hope

A love letter in a floral envelope

That novel you one day will write

Bringing satisfaction, personal delight

The man/woman you commit to

Years of affection you now accrue

Completing that university degree

Looking back drinking afternoon tea

You realize you accomplished much

Not a wasted life, since you have touched

Many along the path you have chosen

Filling your life with depth of devotion

Committing wasn’t so bad in the end

People friends family you now blend

Into a lifestyle of joy and overall peace

Thanking your lucky stars you did not cease

To commit to your future and all it entailed

Yourself in the long run you have not failed