Then and now



Forty-two years ago today I was wed

On this anniversary tears I often shed

Today however it brings me such joy

Instead a reminder of my girl and boy

Who were a product of love long ago

Two special people a pleasure to know

Perhaps what once was wasn’t meant to be

Our ancestry though branches of a tree

Provide comfort humour and laughter it’s true

We three have stayed strong for which I thank you.


17 Replies to “Then and now”

    1. Me too Sumyanna, me too! They have been a godsend and filled me with delight, hope and dreams 🙂 They willingly share their lives and include me. I’ve been able to watch my grands grow every step of the way It is a blessing indeed! As are they 🙂

  1. this is awesome post, its kinda sad but still good. sorry I haven’t been around I lost my password but I have been thinking about you keep up the great work

    1. You asked if I used anything, I don’t, I never have. Who knows, maybe I’d take another 10 years off hehe. Hmm mm new not about to fiddle farther around now. I’m more take me as I am or not at all smirk.

    1. Thank you Liza. I don’t have many. Most are in boxes on slides. These were taken last year at about Haloween (mine was anyway) snicker snicker. Adam and Kelsy’s were taken about the same time so I included them :):)

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