Blindsided 9

Page 9   Maggy comes to Stay

Throughout the house, she’d used dark wood flooring.  To complement the deep rich tones, she’d used a variety of white in tone on tone, from vanilla to creamy magnolia.  Cove mouldings to augment built in book cases stood on either side of the fireplace in whipping cream white.

To complement the front entrance, she’d inlaid the front bay window with a picture of a magnolia, cut into sections, using intricate pieces of glass covering both the middle and side sections, which in turn was framed with frosted glass in the center for privacy.

She’d used an eclectic mixture of white and deep cranberry furnishings complimented by cherry wood accessories.   The lamps white ceramic bases were topped with hand-made stained glass covers, the center contained a butterfly, another an iris, another dogwood and the final section, a woman wearing a big floppy hat.

The whipping cream white entertainment ceiling to floor unit housed all her electrical equipment and a significant collection of movies, records, dvd’s and tapes.

A modern kitchen contained deep cherry wood cabinets containing inset opaque glass using the same solid cream butterflies, irises, and dogwoods used in the lampshades.

Black granite counter tops with silver flecks held a double stainless-steel sink along with stainless steel fridge stove fridge and dishwasher.  The dining room contained single pain French doors enabling a clear unobstructed view of lush lawns and beautiful gardens she’d created herself in the back yard.

More of the same single pane French doors at the top end of the living room opened to a barbecue pit where she could enjoy the evening, unobserved from the street as it was flanked by the garage.

The downstairs bathroom was painted in misty blue and cream and more stained glass.  She’d created a frame around the mirror, using delicate flowers in each corner, and beveling the sides from edge to edge which acted as connectors.  She accented with lush towels in a color called ocean cliff and the taps were highly polished stainless steel.

She’d created a spa atmosphere, with warmer more welcoming tones adding containers for candles, lush velour white towels and soft blue accents. The window was covered with plantation shutters for added privacy.

Her bedroom was cream and pale blue.  More of her grandmother’s cherry wood antiques graced the room in the shape of a four-poster bed and seat.  Along with modern end tables and reading lamps, a cream, pink, lavender and soft green comforter added that relaxed atmosphere she’d been looking for, without being overly feminine. French doors led out to her own private balcony overlooking the garden, one she enjoyed nightly, weather permitting.

She loved her home, and delighted in what she’d managed to accomplish with lots of hard work, and elbow grease.  Every nook, every cranny, bespoke thought, warmth, comfort and welcome, but most of all, it was home.

Cassy owned a beautiful little store…not a boutique exactly, but a modern little shop that catered to babies, youngsters, pregnant mothers, and teenagers.  She had moved the store a year and a half ago to its new location and she couldn’t complain about the results.

Although the overhead was more, her sales had increased as well due to the visibility factor.  She had an assistant that she called in from time to time, and this was going to be one of those occasions.

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    1. So glad to hear that! It’s what I was aiming for 🙂 Thank you for commenting, I so appreciate it. Lets me know if I’m on the right track or not 🙂

    2. You are the first and only to understand it’s written in part on my experiences. Hers will shshs turn out differently than mine 🙂

  1. I was able to find your story(It’s awesome by the way) but if I try to open it from the reader I get a 404 site not found. When you write your next story you should put chapter links in at the bottom to the “next chapter.” It is hard to find each chapter in order, Blogs posts are “backwards” and it’s a lot of scrolling. I am having trouble finding chapters 11 through 40. I’ll try again later (Because I want to read this story) but this might be part of the following issue. If there was a link at the bottom (In the chapter) it would be easy to binge read.

    1. I’m not sure what’s going on. Ever since wp screwed up, people can’t get into it. I’ll have my son take a look and find out what’s going on, yet again, argh!

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