Blindsided 19

“Tell me, how bad is it?  It looked bad to me, but I couldn’t see well enough to determine the extent.”

“I’m no expert, but I didn’t see much that was salvageable.  The furniture as well as your clothes.  It looks like someone used a knife to destroy everything. He’s right, Cassy, this was cold calculated destruction.  No other way to describe it.”

“Maggy, this isn’t just tragic, it’s bizarre! How can this be happening?  God, I feel sick.  I don’t think I can sleep after this.”

“Let’s get our j’s on and I’ll make some tea and put some music on,” Maggy offered gently.

Retrieving Cassy’s drops, she placed them on the inside fridge door realizing that with all that had transpired, she hadn’t given them a thought.

Cassandra moved like an automation.  Clutching her purse to her body, she walked to the spare bedroom accompanied by Maggy toting the overnight case.

After all the recent events, she was determined that Cassandra needed protection, doubly so considering the dilemma with her eyes.  She would stick to her like glue if that’s what it took. God, what the hell is going on, she wondered.

They met in the living room and Maggy placed the teapot and cups on the coffee table.  Easing into the chairs angled in front of the window, they sat quietly.

“Cassy, I phoned my boss and explained, not fully, but I’ve requested my full vacation effective immediately.”

“Maggy, you can’t.  I won’t let you do this.”

“Too late, not that you could stop me anyway. If I feel the need to work, I can use my laptop since I’m more freelance than anything.”

“You now have a shadow.  If he wants you, he goes through me.  I intend to make this as difficult as I can in any way I can.”

“Maggy, you’re terrific, and I am humbled by your dedication, but I would never ask you to place yourself in harm’s way; besides, I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you because of me.”  She reached out across the space dividing them taking hold of Maggy’s hand.

“It won’t.”

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