My first thought upon waking up was to head to the computer and check out today’s blog posts.  My eyes, not yet awake thought the word of the day was  Boop and I was laughingly prepared to go on about Betty Boop.  Then as I copied the link over, I realized it was loop.  So I sat laughing at myself and my  mistake.

So much can be said about loop and the beginning and end of one.  Marilyn posted a carousel which brought back memories of a time long ago.

After reading Liza’s blog this morning I realized it was so well said that I had to reblog it and wondered how could I possibly add anything to it?


Caught up in a causality of our own making

Can we understand the loop and breaking

The circle of which sets us up for better or worse

Is based on our thoughts actions so perverse

We reenact the same events and causes

Blindly running on a mouse’s wheel

Going nowhere, changing nothing real

The better outcome we all wish for

Is ours for the taking with new rapport

New ideas and different folks

Tempting new thoughts to provoke

A new way of living our lives

A different way leaving old archives

Behind as we move ahead

Freeing us up instead

To live the life of fun not dread

Open a vista a horizon vast and wide

Arms open wide we embrace the tide

Forever yearning, seeking, learning

The loop instead becomes a swirl

Of endless possibilities unfurled




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