Remember these idioms?

marching papers, can’t fight your way out of a paper bag, a paper chase, paper tiger, paper trail, his word isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?

I’m sure there are hundreds more but these readily come to my mind especially as I pondered what to write about.

Our kids aren’t taught to print or write

My lip I all too often bite

Their writing and printing abysmal at best

With calligraphy they are not blessed

When they read something I pen

It’s so foreign they blankly look at me and then

Ask me what is that? I can’t read it

Like it’s a foreign language they submit

A paperless age to rid us of paper

Yet piles are stacked higher than ever

I often wonder what they’d do

If suddenly out of the blue

Their cell phones didn’t light up

Would they have any backup

In my day the 3 R’s were strictly enforced

And comes naturally unrehearsed

Although it is scratchy these days

It fills me with pleasure as I gaze

At paper with personal notes

I’m filled with joy and much verbose


4 thoughts on “Paper

  1. I’ve given up writing on paper, except for the rare shopping list. I wouldn’t even write the shopping list on paper if I didn’t have such trouble accessing it from my phone in the grocery store.

    Even though I was taught to print and write in cursive 40+ years ago, lack of practice has destroyed whatever legibility I had even then.

    I loved seeing all of the idioms.

    1. Oh, thanks. I don’t write on paper except for outlines for my novels. Everything I do these days is on a tablet or computer. I hate paper! It piles up even when you don’t use it. Electronic bills? nooo paper! lol. I can’t see well, I’m nearly blind. Computer allows me to make print huge by other’s standards, lol, but Great for me! lol Thank you for dropping by, chatting especially, and taking a boo at my blog. I love interacting, it’s part of why I’m here 🙂 ok, a lot of being here is the interaction, hehe

  2. I have to admit that I agree with you 100% and it bothers me too. With Dyslexia, however, my children have all struggled with handwriting. I tried and I tried and I tried. Still, they would write the letters from the top down, or from the side… any way except how I taught them. It was a struggle. The problem is, my oldest is now having to fill out forms and she has not even “perfected” her signature. I told her, back in the day girls used to write their names over and over to perfect their beauty. She laughed, but it’s true. My younger two want to learn cursive (which my older two did not learn). It is no longer required in school, nor do they teach it if anyone was interested. I guess it is a dying art… but what will they do if something happens to the computers, scratch in the dirt? Make cave paintings? Of course, this is all in jest… but I do feel we are slowly learning to lose important hands-on experiences.

    1. It’s so very true. I agree whole heartedly. One day, hopefully not, but should we lose electronic devices, what then? There are a lucky few who can read and write, but with texting, they shorten everything down until it’s a form of shorthand and they can’t spell worth beans either.

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