The Wheels of Maxine’s mind :) Love ya Maxine!


You can tell I have grandchildren, lol when my first thought on the subject is: The wheels on the bus go round and round … and what about Wheel of Fortune?

Ok, we’ll settle for the Wheels of Maxine’s mind! mwahaha





6 thoughts to “The Wheels of Maxine’s mind :) Love ya Maxine!”

  1. So funny! Love Maxine! You can tell that I taught Kindergarten because the first wheel idea I had was “Wheels on the Bus”! I might need to expand my world!!!

    1. Lol, I know, Right? Still they were good times, lol. I was thinking of the older 2 grandkids, now 16 and soon 15. The smaller two are 7 and 9, and the songs have changed somewhat, but I constantly surprise them when I know their songs, lol. The little one asked how come I know so much. I told her because I’m as old as dirt. You can imagine the questioning look, lol.

    1. I figured this was right up your alley. I could almost picture your mom saying one or two of these. Snicker snicker

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