Ok, have to ask, how many of you immediately thought of the song, “Sunny”?  Honestly it took me awhile to remember the writer and singer, Hebb.  His name didn’t instantly come to mind, but the song sure did.  Let’s face it, it was a momentous moment in time, J. F. K.  Assassinated and his brother murdered on the same day in time.  In response he wrote “Sunny”.

What about the “Keep on the Sunny Side” The Carter Sisters or Monty Pythons “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

Although having suffered countless tragedies, my friends when I was a kid always said, “You’re a little Pollyanna, aren’t you?”  I’m really dating myself now, if you know Walt Disney’s Pollyanna.  In retrospect, I guess it’s true.  I always think positive, upbeat, happy, and see the good in everyone.  That doesn’t mean I have blinders on and ignore the negative  miserable or hateful individuals out there, and there are some.  So filled with anger at “whoever”  they can’t get on with life and become stuck in hating, their goal bringing everyone down to their level and can’t get on with life.r

Others are  so filled with anger at “whoever” they can’t get on with life stuck hating mom, dad, brothers, sisters, someone for making a tragedy of their lives.

Depression is anger turned inward.  Those afraid to speak about what or whom has made them angry turn that emotion inward because that’s “safe”.  It isn’t safe to be angry at whoever truly is responsible for their situation past or present.

That realization, understanding and acceptance will free the individual so they can live a more productive and even happy lifestyle.  I’m not blaming the individual either since they aren’t aware of what the route problem is. This may be an over simplification but  anger is a negative emotion and destructive when it’s the only emotion that drives you.

On the other hand, you have the choice of living for the betterment of your life, your familie’s life and others around you, whether friends or the community you live in.  Perhaps it is frustrating when events don’t change as quickly as we’de like, but I am of the firm opinion that nothing changes if we don’t try, if we don’t make an effort.

Having a sunny disposition

Is never an imposition

Detractors think your not aware

You’re floating on castles in the air

When in fact you rise and shine

Following the tide, never a straight line

It ebbs and flows and meets the shore

Changing places never the same as before

Freely lapping splashing dipping too and fro

Whether it be a ocean’s edge or a chateau

Absorbing feeling sharing your love

Opening up  a whole different world of

Possibilities both endless and new

Fresher livlier happier too.






9 thoughts to “Sunny”

  1. I always try to be in a happy frame of mind. I understand it’s not always easy for everyone for whatever reason. Infact, some people only appear to be happy when they’re miserable.

    1. LMAO it’s so true! It’s as if they don’t know any other way to be and I can tell by your interactions with your grandson you enjoy life and humour and fun and have a sunny disposition probably most of the time. Thanks for chatting, I love it!

    1. Awe, thank you, Chuck, I’m pretty sure I’m who I am meant to be, and I thank you very much. I’m proud of how i face the world. It was not an easy life I’ve had, but I feel I’ve made a positive impact on a few and that’s worthwhile to me. 🙂

    2. Especially when so many have also said, your too good to be true. Not really, I’m just me! I don’t know any other way to be. lol

  2. Fabulous poem. I really enjoyed it! The first time I saw the prompt, Monty Python’s song came into my head. Today, the song you first mentioned came to mind. It is now playing and replaying and replaying. I forgive you ????

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