Captain of the ship, I sail off to adventure

Seeking fun and games, many without censure

Tacking into the wind, headed to far-off horizons

And all the untold stories, some of them surprising

The wind soft against my face, always energizing

Each new experience, adding depth or fun

Of sweet memories, daily they will come

New faces and new places, to visit one by one

Tranquility fills my soul, though oft’ not smoothly won

Ever sailing onward, never to be deterred

By others doubts or fears,  although often heard

I shall sail into adventure, captain of my ship

Knowing life is full, of my soul I  now take authorship





3 thoughts on “Sail

    1. I was born on the prairies a vast desert-like area, but we moved to the Okanagan when I was a kid, with 2 massive lakes. Later I moved to an island and my heart was filled to overflowing. I love it beyond measure. Perhaps one day you’ll have an opportunity to take in it’s freshness and joy.

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