I recall instances in my life, requiring great pluck

More than that indeed, backbone and a dash of spunk

Determination to carry on, intrepid to the end

Intestinal fortitude required, on around the bend

Never let it be said, I lacked heart along the way

For it was often required, to face yet another day

Sometimes decisions made, demanding a strong spirit

Are the ones most timely, and fearlessly they merit

Considersation  respect and great honour too

Often faced alone, but offering a breakthrough










6 thoughts on “Pluck

  1. But you survived and you are all the stronger for it. Still with a loving open heart ❤️. Kudos to you ????

    1. Awe, thank you very much Elaine 🙂 Didn’t realize until yesterday I’d missed some of our posts. In fact, many seem delayed. Not sure why this is happening, but suddenly they appear, and I check posts daily. hmmm. Some left over issues with this change over I’m thinking. 🙂

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