Most famous John Wayne movie, True Grit, Marshall Rooster Cogburn.  Had to, just simply had to. 🙂

He grit his teeth, his words angry

They wouldn’t listen and quite frankly

He was at the end of his rope

They did not understand the scope

An undertaking both scary and huge

Lawyer language written in subterfuge

Glancing at their faces hopeful

He new he must take on the mogul

His heart of hearts could see no other way

And though he may rue the day

He took upon himself the challenge

He would do his part now to salvage

The losses so clearly felt

Without any kind of safety belt

It could end his career before it started

He would not become disheartened

They looked to him for answers

He’d show his teeth to fight the masters

Who clearly thought they were in control

He’d fight like a demon to save their souls

Grit and determination in every move

Fighting with honesty and flair disprove

The idea that moneyed men always won

Together they would fight not one by one











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