Gallery of Deception

Nathan 1 – 6

I encountered difficulty renaming the pages and adding past and previous to make stopping and starting easier without scrolling through the whole story.  In so doing, I deleted pages and found I was 6 pages short.  Too frustrated after the dozens of previous attempts I finally came up with an idea of a Preface and including pages 1 – 6 in the endeavour.

Gallery of Deception is a romantic mystery involving…

Emma Banks reporter and journalist for the Gazette is assigned to cover local events in the community along with fundraisers and gala events.  Her boss has asked her to look into Nathan Armstrong, a man with whom she has a history.  A wealthy renown businessman, Emma is nervous about seeing him after all these years.

A man entered the newspaper office to report an incident he’d previously watched.  Due to his alcoholic haze he didn’t at first believe he’d witnessed a murder nor did he feel the police would believe him viewing him as less than credible.  As time passes, his conscience gets the better of him and he tells Emma and her Editor what he witnessed.  Little did he know he corroborated another witness’s testimony (another no one would listen to).

Nathan is involved in extracurricular activities he doesn’t wish Emma involved in much less become aware of.  To protect her and keep her safe, he must explain his involvement and leave it up to Emma to decide where she stands.

They become romantically involved and he assists her in running to ground, the perp responsible for killing an innocent young woman.  The deaths don’t stop there.

Before long, Nathan intervenes in order to protect Emma’s very life. Will they find the perp in time or will Emma forfeit her life in an endeavour to find out who killed a beautiful young woman, another reporter on the case, and is threatening Nathan, her Editor, herself, and her family.

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