A treasure trove of ideas and plots

Fill every waking moment’s thoughts

My mind spinning with notes and stories

Each one vying for a moment of glory

Sometimes pleasurably full

Constantly feeling the pull

Of whether to write something sassy

Or perhaps a little sappy

Either way my day is not complete

Like notes unfinished on a music sheet

Unless I’m writing something new

Hopefully someone else will view

It takes but a moment in time

Never an uphill climb

To reach out and speak to others

Exchanging words and phrases in colours

That spring from the page and envelope another

Never buried, in full view, there for others to ponder




7 thoughts on “Bury

  1. I love how this one flows, I am not very poetic so I appreciate when others can write poetry eloquently as you do.

    1. Why thank you, that’s most kind of you. I really appreciate it. I never wrote poetry before, and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s very special that you enjoy. And that you comment too.

    1. You are special, what you write is special. Should be shared, savoured! 🙂

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