Too often we tailor our thoughts

Hoping to fit in, from clothes to gloss

A new group of friends, we make over

Our likes and dislikes and moreover

Hide our personality for our new peers

Hits and misses tailoring who we are

Until one fateful day we become aware

We are perfect no need for repair

Accept me as I am or not at all

The balls in your court, it’s your call

I am me, good bad or indifferent

No longer tailoring me, sometimes flippant

I laugh, I joke, I speak from my heart

Absences accepted, I no longer fall apart

I am strong and absolutely sure

I will no longer demure

I accept you, you accept me

That shall always be my eternal plea






5 thoughts on “Tailor

    1. Thank you Sumyanna. I’m not seeing your posts still, these just showed up so hmmm. I went through and tried to fix and approve. Don’t think it’s working well yet. Apparantly some are seeing a 404 notification, but haven’t said where it shows up so I can’t fix it. Explains why so few visit now.

    2. Thank you so much Sumyanna. I think I might be on the way to receiving your comments, yay! Maybe I’m getting the hang of this thing. Let’s hope 🙂

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