She has moxie that’s for sure

Undoubtedly it’s her allure

Brave bold adventurous too

It was her strength at twenty-two

Her life’s history was full of exploits

Lived to the max, much over which to rejoice

If only we could all say the same

Living life as an exciting game

Hearts full, soul replenished

Right to the end, nothing left unfinished

Her light never once diminished

Tackling whatever came her way

Never neglectful into the fray

Overcoming surviving yet another day


8 thoughts on “Moxie

    1. Thank you very much. Some messages are currently being lost and show up later it seems. If I’ve already sent a message, apologies.

    1. Interestingly there are many who haven’t heard the word before…I find that fascinating in and of itself lol

    1. It’s a word that’s become popular in the states over the last few years. They used to say if you had fire energy and would stand up and fight, you had Moxie. Then it became hutzpah which is probably more popular these days 🙂 I liked Moxie to be honest 🙂

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