Have you ever eaten at a restaurant

Wondered about their license for want

To explain how inedible the food was

Realizing too late your faux pas because

It’s an experience not soon forgotten

Nor does it have to happen often

To makes you gun shy about trying

Left feeling full of an unsatisfying

Doubt about the next restaurant unknown

Whether to book now or to  postpone

Food should be an experience

Savoured mouthwatering glorious

Anything less is just edible

And unfortunately not delectable

Ah yes nothing like a home cooked meal

Always delicious quite often ideal

Great food, good surroundings, best friends

Nothing for which to make amends

I am immediately reminded of Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham.  Unfortunately many moons ago I had just that experience while traveling.  Indeed the ham had turned, the eggs nearly raw, served among blue bottle flies and cold coffee.  It was definitely an experience NOT worth repeating. yeck! that about sums it up.





4 thoughts to “Edible”

    1. I do too. In a blue moon it’s good to go out, but I’d rather cook my own food most of the time “_

  1. You’re not alone. I ask blessed that I can’t eat so many things, I get to cook myself. I have come to realize you never truly know what’s in your food otherwise.

    1. True enough. These days, there doesn’t seem to be the care shall we say about cooking and serving. My daughter being allergic to so much, it’s sometimes dangerous because people don’t get they should put the spoon serving fish and shellfish into noodles for example. It’s become wiser to cook at home.

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