The soil rich black and even

Now prepared for the season

From which flowers would grow

Unending beauty row on row

In my imagination they overflow

In the garden alongside the road

Tall and stately short and sweet

Together they blend not compete

Each offering something different

A bouquet both spicy and fragrant

Mingling swaying in the breeze

Visited every now and then by bees

Tasting of their nectar sweet

Buzzing quietly so discreet

Humanity is much the same

Our earth our home I acclaim

Much like flowers so different are we

Whether herb or fruit tree

We all have much to offer, all of it free

Nurturing, warmth affection and love

Untold treasures joys to conceive of

Shared with seedlings soon to come

The soil rich black and even

Now prepared for the season





6 thoughts on “Soil

    1. Thank you Elaine. It’s definitely a work in progress. I’m still trying to figure it out. This data base seems solid. I’ve lost a couple posts and apparently show up as 404 to some, but not sure where so I can fix that. Someone mentioned it in passing and I should have taken more note. I figured it would be easy to fix but apparently there are several possibilities and explains why only a few visit these days. So I’m grateful your here????

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