My blog :) Aaaand I’m back!

It’s been a long haul…at first the other database would crash nightly and consequently my son was up 7 nights straight re-fixing and linking.  Thanks to his diligence we found a solid database and began adding my blog back for the umpteenth time. Hooray!

I couldn’t understand why I suddenly went from 100 views daily to 10 perhaps 20 and began to wonder if everyone had tired of my words thoughts perhaps they were too mundane.

I mentioned the issue to Sheryl and Story Reading Ape and between them, they were able to point us in the right direction and voila, problem solved!

Thank you for hanging in there, for giving direction so we knew what wasn’t working.  After re-adding the blog so many times, there were areas we thought were added and fixed that had been, but weren’t now.

Consequently the site is now running properly and I see soooo many of you again that I’ve chatted with. woot woot.  Still fixing areas, such as like, and where to see the site, it’s a work in progress. But we’re ( I mean my son’s) due diligence is paying off.

Thank you to all of you and thank you to my son.  I’m loving it!

I’m one of those turn the car on and if it starts, greeeeaaaat!  Same applies to computers these days…so much is new  and different.  I’ll get there, hehe surely I will!

4 thoughts to “My blog :) Aaaand I’m back!”

    1. Thank you Elaine. I know you did, your one of the only ones, well 21 others lol, that were able to find me. So I was very delighted 🙂 HOpe your having a spectacular day 🙂

  1. I thought if already commented on this one. Oh well, So glad you are figuring things out. I do hope they will find you and perhaps you will see they never left ☺

    1. Thank you Sumyanna. There were about 10 people who looked me up, or found me, including you! I shall always be grateful for that. I’m so enjoying conversing with you. Your an absolute delight.

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