Ode to Social Media where

People expect you to care

Everything little thing is disastrous and

Your invited to take a stand

Regarding trivialities so slight

Bombarded with choosing wrong or right

Get my side of the story out first

Where you see people at their worst

Mountains out of molehills monstrous in size

As they search for immediate allies

Nothing noteworthy to spread

Negativity anger frustration now said

For the world to witness so readily

Creating even more enmity

So caught up in trivial stuff

People constantly in a huff

Unable to tackle that which is important

Real issues and concerns now lay dormant

Drained tired concerned instead

Mundane rules while real issues are left unread






3 thoughts on “Disastrous

    1. Unfortunately FB has become the place people air dirty laundry, get people to take sides, make mountain out of molehills in an attempt to get the public on their side of ANY issue. I’m lucky, I don’t have ppl like that on my list but it’s tragic that so many require their 15 minutes of fame any way they can get it.

    2. I don’t know if you got that post or not. hmmm. my chat thingy keeps changing when I type. so I’ll retype it. FB for me, is lucky, I don’t have the whiners, complainers, people looking for 15 minutes of fame by yelling and screaming at others nor do I have the ppl airing dirty laundry to get attention or someone on their side before the whole story comes out, but that’s basically what it’s become a forum for negativity and anger. Seems people want to live there. It doesn’t leave room for positivity at all.

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