My first thought was Notting Hill where Julia Roberts meets and falls in love with a book store owner Hugh Grant.

Protecting my privacy, I install a gate,

Sometimes simple, sometimes ornate

Gates to keep you out, gates to keep you in,

A stamp of ownership, much to my chagrin

Hiding behind the gated walls, I peer outside,

Watching passersby, with egotistic pride

Until that fateful day, when I spy you looking in,

With your delightfully, lopsided grin

Daily you pass on by, the gates of my domain,

And though I wish to talk to you, I must refrain

Ever mindful that, the gate has purpose here,

Keeping us separated, which has been made quite clear

And though I would saunter, on through that heavy gate,

Constantly I’m cautioned by others, which serves to irritate

Often a prisoner of these walls and gate,

I wonder, will this forever be my endless fate.







5 Replies to “Gate”

  1. Ah, the good and bad sides of a fence.
    But gates can be opened and closed when you have the key, yes? 🙂

  2. Nice.
    Sometimes we end up being over protective of our own selves.
    The gates we used protect ourselves end up cativating

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