My first thought was Notting Hill where Julia Roberts meets and falls in love with a book store owner Hugh Grant.

Protecting my privacy, I install a gate,

Sometimes simple, sometimes ornate

Gates to keep you out, gates to keep you in,

A stamp of ownership, much to my chagrin

Hiding behind the gated walls, I peer outside,

Watching passersby, with egotistic pride

Until that fateful day, when I spy you looking in,

With your delightfully, lopsided grin

Daily you pass on by, the gates of my domain,

And though I wish to talk to you, I must refrain

Ever mindful that, the gate has purpose here,

Keeping us separated, which has been made quite clear

And though I would saunter, on through that heavy gate,

Constantly I’m cautioned by others, which serves to irritate

Often a prisoner of these walls and gate,

I wonder, will this forever be my endless fate.







5 thoughts to “Gate”

  1. Ah, the good and bad sides of a fence.
    But gates can be opened and closed when you have the key, yes? πŸ™‚

  2. Nice.
    Sometimes we end up being over protective of our own selves.
    The gates we used protect ourselves end up cativating

    1. It’s so true! Thank you for stopping by and chatting too, I appreciate it very much.

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