Blindsided 57


Page 57 –  Sometimes we get lucky

Chapter 6

“Yes, please, and tell me what they say.  I just can’t read well enough to decipher them myself.”

“Ok, the first one says, “EVvery mOove you maKe” and the next says, “EveRY steP you tAKe”, then, “Maybe I’ma crAZ” next, “DREaMs they aRE for thOSE who sLEep”, and “youN’Tt knoW me wELl” and then they begin repeating themselves.  Very cryptic if you ask me.  What is it, a poem, or something?”  Maggy asked.

“I don’t know but it sounds vaguely familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Would you print it please and I’ll make sure Myerson gets a copy.”  She immediately dialed his number.

“Myerson here.”

“It’s Cassy.  I know it’s late and I feel ridiculous calling, but I thought you should know, I just received some new emails.”



“Good, we can trace them, we have something to track.  You didn’t take it off the computer did you?”

“No.  I connected with the work computer so it’s on that one as well as my laptop.”

“I’ll be right over.  Don’t do anything!” he admonished.

Within minutes, he arrived and Maggy let him in.

“Let me have a look!”  He pulled the laptop over, his face a grim study of focus and intent.

 “This is fantastic, he’s still online! Damn, this is good!  Best of all, he doesn’t know we’re monitoring or that his world is about to come crashing down around his ears.” Myerson said, a barely disguised gleeful note in his voice.

“How long?  How long before we know?”  Cassy asked hopefully.

“We won’t.  We wait and see.  It’s up to the comp-techs now.  I guarantee his days are numbered though.”

“I don’t know whether to believe it or not,” Cassy admitted.  “It seems too easy.”

“Sometimes we get lucky, catch a break, and it is just that easy.   Sometimes, it isn’t,” he answered truthfully.


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