She followed him around,

Sparkling eyes of brown

She clambered over rocks,

Then quickly onto the docks

She always played their games,

Never pulling in the reigns

Game for all that was fun,

Never one to be outdone

He lost track of her in college,

Until she showed up at the cottage

All grown up and beautiful too,

If only he could somehow undue

The pain he witnessed in her eyes,

And somehow the hurt he’d minimize

Now sombre, the games were all gone,

Effervescence hidden and now withdrawn

At times his friends thought her a pest,

Interfering with their games at best

But there was something special,

That stayed with him to nestle

Burrowing into his heart,

That remained setting her apart

Now they were all grown up,

Yearning to comfort his little buttercup

He took one step forward and then two,

Would she meet him half way, he really had no clue

Into his arms she quickly walked

His beating heart unchecked

Never had he thought her a pest,

Instead he’d always felt blessed










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