Blindsided 61


Page 61- Uniquely his

“Don’t bother, I’m fine.  I’m sure I’ll find it.”

 He found a piece that was twelve feet long, and took it up to the counter.  “See, found it.”

The clerk rang up his purchases and he was effusive in his gratitude, buttering the simpering idiot up.  Kill them with kindness, his motto.  They never remembered the nice guys.

He’d watched, he’d observed.  He became whatever people wanted him to be.  He was the good guy; the polite guy, the quiet, unobtrusive guy, the guy that never made waves and who didn’t make life difficult for you.  In public that is. 

 Yeah, he always made his mark the same way and he got away with murder.  People let things slide for a nice guy, and remembered little about him. He’d used it before, and he’d use it again, because it worked.

 Now, on to plan B he murmured.  He couldn’t wait. He had to know.  Impatience propelled him forward and he dialed her home.  The only thing he’d left in-tact was the phone.  He had a reason for that; then he could contact her.  He rang her number.  No answer. She wasn’t there.  Well, now, where could she be?  No relative in town.  And he doubted she was at the simpering Shawna’s house.  That left Maggy.  Of course, he should have thought of her immediately. 

 A quick little trip on the way to his intended destination couldn’t hurt.  After all, she had no idea who he was yet. She would, all in his good time.

 He travelled slowly down the road, passing her driveway.  Her car wasn’t there.  She wouldn’t be driving these days, he’d seen to that.  She’d have to rely on others for now.  Soon, she’d be relying on him, and him alone.

 He made his way to her friend’s place.  Since her car was there and the lights burning, in all likelihood, she was there too. Ok, for now. She’d be moving back home soon and then he would make his move.  He’d watched her repair the damage.  It was sad really, but he had to make her understand -get her attention.  She belonged to him, and him alone.  The other stuff didn’t matter.  He had money, and he’d replace everything when the time came, and she’d be thrilled he decided.  In the meantime, she’d be reaching out for him and soon.  She loved him, she wouldn’t hold out indefinitely, she couldn’t.   Cassy her name was like her, strong, beautiful, special.   Uniquely his that is.


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