Blindsided 62


Page 62 – Thinking ahead

 He’d head down island tomorrow morning, early.  As long as she was staying at her friend’s place, he wouldn’t have the access he desired, a slight miscalculation on his part, but one that could be rectified. 

 Granny Jeffreys lived in Parksville.  He brought up Map Quest and input the address.  Ah, there she was.

 He’d dressed in a grey business suit and knocked on the door.  He was a little surprised when a nurse answered.  Nice property, probably had money.  It made sense.

“Is Mrs. Jeffreys in?”

 “Who are you?” she asked pointedly

I’m Stan Evers from Qualified Insurance.”

 “What’s your business here, Evers?”  Nasty old bitch, it’s none of your business.

 Outwardly polite, showing no real inner emotion, he continued, “Ms. Jeffreys policy is about to expire.  We have an appointment.”

 “Well she…”

“Who is it, Mrs. Wilson?”

 “He says he’s your insurance agent, says you have an appointment.”

 “No, I never made an appointment.  What is it you want, Mr. Evers?  You’re not my agent.”

 “Mr. Franks is ill.  I was called in as a replacement.”

 “Come in Mr. Evers and state your case.  Then I’ll decide whether to call your head office or not.”

 “Certainly.”  Tough old bird he thought.  He hadn’t counted on that.  She’d remember him he was sure of it; might have to do something about that, he decided.  Either way, he was in, and about to drop the bomb shell.

 “Your granddaughter, Cassy is it, has listed you as next of kin on her insurance.” the old woman started.  “There’s been an accident with her car and her insurance is null and void.  Since you are both covered by Qualified Insurance, it is a minor technicality to add her to your coverage for the time being until we get the matter sorted out.  Her house was ransacked as well and that insurance lapsed a year ago.”


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