Blindsided 63


Page 63 – Grandma fights back



 “Why didn’t she call me?”

 “I’m sure I don’t know, Mira.  May I call you Mira?”

 “No, you may not.”

 “What do I have to do?”

 “Just sign these forms, and we’ll get the paper work under way so she can begin replacing her things.  Too bad about the antiques though; I doubt they are salvageable.”

 “All of them? “she asked” her sharp eyes missing nothing.

 “It would appear so, from the claims she’s put together.”

 “How did the insurance lapse?  That’s not like Cassy.”

 “Perhaps an oversight, or perhaps something happened at the office.  I’m still investigating.”

 “I’ll call her right now.”  Mrs. Jeffreys said.

 “That won’t be necessary.  I said I’d take care of this so she didn’t have to worry about it.  Quite frankly, she didn’t want you to know.  She was concerned about your health.”

 “My health, pah!  Fit as a fiddle, I am.”

 “You do what you need to Mr. Evers.  I’ll get in touch with Cassy later give her a piece of my mind.”

 “Well, if you’ll sign here, I’ll be on my way.”

 “Ain’t signing nothing, Mister until I talk to Cassy.”

 “Have it your way, Mrs. Jeffreys, just thought you might want to help out so she doesn’t have to outwait the red tape.”

 “On your way, Mr. Evers.”

 “Show him the door, Mrs. Wilson.”

 “As you wish, Mrs. Jeffreys.”

 The nurse was stronger than she looked, and grabbed him by the upper arm, and dragged him toward the door.  “Let go of me you battle axe.”

 “Get out!” she said, opening the door.  He only had one choice, leave of his own volition, and save face, or allow her to throw him out. 

 “You’re going to regret this!” he promised.


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