Blindsided 64


Page 64 –  A sigh of relief


Some glitch in the system delayed the police and they hadn’t visited her regarding the situation.  However, when they arrived, it was to find a ruffled, feisty older lady and her nurse, only too willing to give them a description of the blatantly obvious “rap-scallion” who’d shown up calling himself an insurance broker. Following an in-depth description of the incident and all that transpired, they promised to go to head-quarters the following day and meet with an artist for a composite.

The officers smiled at each other as they left; between the two tough old ladies, they probably could.  Myerson was contacted and a patrol car assigned to guard the ladies until such times as they could meet with the police artist and until further notice.

Constable Shaw received notification and phoned Myerson and explained.  As suspected, Myerson tore a strip off Shaw.  He’d expected that.  Well, at least he’d put a guard on the ladies and that simmered him down a bit.

With the artist’s rendering in hand, Myerson visited Cassy.  “We’ve reached phase two.”

“Now that’s a very cryptic remark!” she noted, a question in her eyes.

“The perp has been to see your grandmother in Parksville; the local police just called.”

“How did that happen?” she asked alarmed.

“It’s ok, Cassy,” he said reassuringly.  “In fact, it’s better than ok.  Both your grandmother and Mrs. Wilson have given an excellent description to the officers and an artist.  They sent a copy to me; tell me if the face seems familiar,” he suggested.

Taking the picture from him she said, “No, I can’t say it is. Perhaps Maggy might recognize him.”

“Mags.  Come see what you think!”

“I don’t know, there’s something vaguely familiar about him that I can’t explain.”

“He probably keeps a low profile.  He would skirt facing you directly until he’s ready to make his move.”

“Once the description is circulated to all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, anyone and everyone who might know who he is, he won’t be able to hide.  He’s marked.”

“Dare I breathe a sigh of relief?”


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