Wrap your Head around This!? Not possible.






Ok, I’ve read over the past few months, more and more examples of people finding “pets” whether dogs or cats, abandoned without thought or care – the solution?  leaving the animal caged in an empty home, thrown off a bridge, or tied in a bag and left to die.  An alternative was possible was it not?  Take them to a shelter, pound s.p.c.a. and deal with the situation humanely – I mean seriously?????

I can’t, absolutely can’t wrap my head around the abandonment, the cruelty, the disregard for life involved here.  Seriously!  Every animal IS a life and deserves to be treated with utmost respect and dignity.

I have had countless cats and a few dogs during my time on earth, and considered each a part of the family.  We talked to them, taught them tricks, to interact, and welcomed them as part of our life.

One pet was fed some form of poison and we had to put it down.  The neighbourhood was under seige and a total of 25 or so pets had been systematically poisoned.  Ours was by no means the only one and my heart (then a child) went out to all the other pet owners.  I remember the neighbours talking across their fences about the cruelty and suffering.  We were one of but several casualties to the cruelty, but I remember taking no solace in that fact.

It’s one thing when a pet is suffering severe illness or in grave pain and watching their eyes tear up as they try to make it across the room for food, outside, or even for affection.

I have to wonder at what it takes to be that cold hearted, that cruel, and yes, that viscious to abandon an animal in the first place, but by adding the depth of cruelty on top of it?

Part of the problem as I see it, is pets for presents.  The cat or dog gets pregnant or sick and or the novelty simply wears off and it’s cast aside like and unused toy.

I had to rant today as the latest pictures was of a cat rescued by a captain on a ship after it was tossed from a bridge into a fast moving river all because it was pregnant.  The look of sheer terror on that little face was heartwrenching.

I look at Porsche and Abbey and cringe when they tackle an unknown foe (usually racoons) and bravely soldier on, (Porsche is the worst for standing his ground) but he does so time and again.

We’de moved into a new apartment.  He’d never talked.  He’d been a birthday present and for the first year of his life, said nothing, not one single mew.  Then, just before his first birthday, he spoke, well, yowelled.  Who knew, it was a male not a female.  He was neutered and suddenly came to life, mewing, cooing, purring, and running as if reborn.

The second most surprising thing was listening to him growl like a dog.  The manager came to inspect the apartment and said she’d heard we had a dog.  I opened the door as she was immediately on attack mode when Porsche rounded the corner headed her way and growled.  I laugh still remembering her backing to the apartment door across from me and saying, “You don’t have a dog, you have a cat that definitely growls like a dog!”  And yes he does.  He chooses who he believes are friends and those that should not darken our doorstep and he’s still my little guard cat walking the perimiter of the house, guarding us as well as bringing us presents whether it be mice or birds.

I can’t imagine harming this “little” fellow for anything in the world, not when he newly arrived or now that he’s instilled as part of the family. So no, I can’t wrap my head around cruelty to animals, well any creature whether human or not.

Rant over.

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  1. Yes indeed. Pets as presents annoy me badly because I live in “roadkill central” in my neck of the woods. Too many abandoned animals out there and when the neighborhood’s crawling with them, they either gang up together, end up killed by pet owners to save their own animals, or squashed on the road. What I can’t understand are parents who give into kids’ pleas for a pet, but the kids don’t understand the responsibility involved and leave mom and dad with the animal to take care of when they may not have wanted it in the first place. Kids want a pet? want to learn responsibility? Get a goldfish and let ’em start with that. If they can handle it and parents want one, let ’em graduate to a different pet.

    We got ours because it was abandoned, female, and the tail was bobbed wrong apparently (prev owners too cheap to take it to a vet and do it right, and then they didn’t like the result). Well, I barely notice it and she’s happy enough–their loss, our gain (besides, gives her character and a little extra sashay in her trot–hee hee).

    1. So glad someone else gets it! Thank you for reading and replying to the post, I truly appreciate that!

    2. I just visited your site and tried to forward and it won’t allow me to. I LOVE your blog, TOTALLY get that! :):):)

  2. Cats can be pretty good at guarding, if they want to be. As for what people do to unwanted animals, I simply can’t think about it. It makes me ill.

  3. Over the past 40+ years we have been foster humans to about 25 cats and one dog, all but three were either strays or abandoned. Two were shelter cats, all the rest just showed up at the door, or under the porch, and one just marched in and that was that.
    One had feline leukemia, one had FIV (kitty Aids) and both were two of the best cats I ever owned.
    How they find us, I have no idea. We live 1/2 mile from the main road, in the middle of the woods. And yet I look out, and there is a ktten, or a fully grown tomcat, sitting on the wall, staring at the house. =)

    I have also spent many interesting moments carting strange dogs to the vet for relocation, since our leash laws are pretty strict, and a stray dog, no matter how lost, is still a stray. Rather the vet than the pound.

    And I agree, people who abandon “summer cats” because they wanted a pet for the kids at the lake, should spend a quick winter in those woods, eating mice. Yep.

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