Blindsided 65

“Perhaps a little sigh is in order,” he quipped.

Several days passed without incident; no new emails, no contact of any kind. Perhaps he’d found another unfortunate prey she thought torn between hope for herself and despair for another.  Still it was a welcome relief.

Meanwhile, he was hard at work forging her signature and nearly maxing out her credit card; systematically destroying everything that gave her independence.  When she had no money or friends left to run to, she’d be ripe for the picking.  

Maggy picked up the mail from Shawna containing a pile of letters from the store along with a few personal letters as well.

Cassy sat with a cup of coffee and together they went through the stack.  She had Maggy read them out.  “That’s not possible, Maggy.  I can’t be overdrawn, I haven’t used my Credit cards lately, except for the trips down island. This isn’t correct, there’s some kind of mistake here.”

“Yeah, like identity theft.”

“Oh my god, it’s him, it has to be.  Jesus, I need to get Myerson on the phone.”

Myerson dropped by to collected the information.  “You’ll have to contact all these creditors and a lawyer.  Have him run interference for you.  You won’t be responsible for what he’s bought, and the card companies will reimburse you.  In the meantime, it’s going to make life very difficult.  Have them issue a new number for your personal use, and if any other comes up, refuse it.”

“I was going to the house to finish up but I guess this takes precedence.”

“I’m sorry Cassandra.”

“This is so disheartening.”

“Don’t give up hope, Cassy, he’s tying the noose tighter and tighter.”

Hurt at heart she snapped, “When?”

“He’s smart, that’s a given, but he’s also getting impatient and making mistakes, so, although we don’t know what his game plan is, if we push him, he’ll crack.  He figures you’re in love with him, remember. We need to push back.  Rather, you need to push back, throw a lover in his face.”

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