Children laughing gleefully,

Eagerly awaiting their turn to play

Amused and happy as could be,

Running to each display.


A kaleidoscope of colour,

The carousel seemed plain

A merry-go-round in multicolour,

Around they twirled again.


My heart stopped when I spotted you,

I was unable to explain

I’d felt nought but an old shrew,

Joy filled my heart, removing my distain.


Upon a unicorn so beautiful

While standing alone, epitomy of grace

Until I thought I was delusional

As a distant memory I would trace


Something in your stance beckoned me,

I could not resist and to you quickly went

My heart suddenly filled with so much glee,

Upon reaching you, I was clearly spent


Standing, staring with loving affection

One I certainly could not explain

For though sidelined you were perfection

As childhood memories flooded me again


Remembering the fun I’d shared

My arms tight upon your neck

Countless rides,  once paired

Nothing here was circumspect


My love for the carousel though long forgot

Was instantly brought back

The joy of riding you no longer afterthought

Details bright and clear no longer a flashback














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