He sat glaring, in silence as he noted

Nothing had changed here, as life unfolded

This whimsical sleepy town was as before

From coffee shop to quaint old bookstore

He’d longed to leave the sleepy hollow

Never in his father’s footsteps to follow

Although his father with pride decreed

He’d find a place here, he would succeed

In seeing it for the potential it had

Encouraging him to use it as a launch pad

For the latest novel he’d written

He’d left it all behind he didn’t fit in

Yet in the depths of his soul

Intrigue he couldn’t quite control

For she caught his eye, red hair whipping

About a face that was beautiful, interesting

Laughing and smiling her joy for all to see

Arms outstretched to a child on bended knee

Perhaps he’d stay awhile and discover

If this town really had something to offer






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