We are but solitary travelers

Together, one of many characters

On the road of life, less traveled or not

Making our way though untaught

Seeking refuge in love and affection

Kind word, thoughtful deed, no mention

Of the longing we all feel for

A deep meaningful rapport

With but one other on this road

Hearts entwined each carryng their load

Whether our story be alone and solitary

Let each of us make our path legendary


11 thoughts on “Solitary

      1. Many of us had family we’d rather not think about, much let talk about. As for hanging in there with you, it seemed little enough. I figured you’d work you way through it eventually, one way or the other.

    1. Adam worked on the site last nite, reformatted and it still changed nothing. He fired off a hot letter to wp as jetpack was still broken. Between the time he fired his eloquently angry letter and restarting wp, it magically fixed jetpack! holy crap! I’m so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!! Even has a like button hehehehe. Prob a couple things to do yet, but for all tense and purpose, I’m back! I could sing or cry, not sure which or in which order lol.

          1. 16 in total more I’m sure. Marilyn was one of my mother’s 8 kids (I have a twin and younger brother) Mt as hole father had 8 I know of. Marilyn was beautiful, tender at heart. I liked her. I can’t imagine many are alive today they were all older than me by several years. Norma was married to George, their son was a Canadian hockey player of some renown. Norma was psychotic and even my mother winner that she was detested her, preferring George her ex with more affection. It was a motley crew and I suffered at their hands and nearly died, Yaya for family. Sorry, you asked, lol. Why I don’t speak of family. They weren’t a bunch to be proud of. I survived the lot of them, my revenge lol.

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