Enchanted by the scenic spot

She sat down, please and thought

This place had certainly bewitched her

So virginal untouched and pure

The vista before her had her hooked

The more she saw, the more she looked

How attractive the ocean so blue

It’s scent pleasing, freshly new

Massive trees on either side

Lining a path to the ocean side

She couldn’t have been more charmed

Her new home she firmly vowed

A picture of a future here

To her was delightfully clear

Living on this idyllic spot

No need for afterthought


10 thoughts on “Enamored

        1. Thank you. There was a follow attached here, so I clicked it. It hadn’t shown up. I had to reformat wp as it was completely messed up. It’s taken two months to fix. Thankfully my son does all this for me as I can’t see to do it. And thank you so much. I love beauty and positive thinking. Too little in the world to my way of thinking, these days it seems.

  1. I really liked this poem. It’s somehow similar to my prompt too. It kinda pictured my feelings when I first witness Autumn upon arrival in Europe. Great post. 🙂

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