This is a poem I wrote eons ago and I thought it appropriate for “Elevate”.

The Song

Deep inside well hid from view

Exists the essence I call you

Sometimes full of pain and sorrow

One looses sight of a better ‘morrow

Without the aid of one’s true friends

Disaster waits around the bend

Please feel free to call on me

For there I’ve been assuredly

On other’s shoulders I have lent

When my head in sorrow bent

‘Tis not a crime to call out

When one is filled with pain and doubt

Soon my friend, you will be strong

Then to you, belongs the song




15 thoughts on “Elevate

  1. This part really spoke to me:
    ‘Tis not a crime to call out

    When one is filled with pain and doubt

    Sometimes I think there is nothing harder in the world than asking for help. Something I’ve been working on.
    Lovely poem. Made me a little teary because you speak the truth.

    1. Awe thank you, so much. I’m touched it spoke to you. I was going through horrific stuff at the time. That was when reaching out became imperative, and I felt lost alone and humbled that those that I talked to couldn’t fathom the depth of what I was dealing with, they stood tall and by my side. I’ll treasure those few individuals all my life. Your so precious. You mean world’s to me. Your strong and a Fighter, I know this. We are the last to speak out, but it’s necessary to remain strong. Xoxo

      1. I think you’re right. The care givers, the nurturers and the peace makers are often the ones who won’t speak out but they are the ones who often need the most support. I know I don’t ask because I don’t want to bother people or I don’t want people to think I’m not capable. Being strong is important to me but sometimes knowing when to ask for help is the strongest decision to make. That’s a lesson I’m still learning. I’m glad you had network of friends who helped when you needed it.

        1. I had one woman but she listened to all I had to say. It was enough. I’m like you tho much of the time, I’m capable and I used to not know my own limits and boundaries. Now I do. I still push them but not to break point lol.

          1. I can tell when I’ve reached my limits and i need to ask. Usually when I’m cussing like a pirate and ready to leave the care and keeping of my kids to rabid wolves. Lol! I’m glad you’ve found a good balance. It’s a process.

          2. It is and lol @care of rabid wolves and cussing like a pirate, omg, that’s too funny, I’m going to laugh a lot at that one haha

    2. Trust me, I still struggle with this. I always go the extra mile and carry on tho I too need a shoulder at times. I think that is what this blog has become, for me. I’ve met you, and others like you whose friendship I so value. I see your face and smile. I read your work and it so often touches my soul, I can’t thank you enough for that and for letting me know what I wrote meant something to you?

      1. Thank you. That means a lot, especially on days when I feel like everything I write is crap and I have nothing useful to contribute. Your work often gets me thinking in different ways, and I appreciate the perspective you bring as well as the friendship.

        1. Awe thank you, because with all the trouble with wp, I felt a bit down and didn’t think my writing was up to much, not nearly. I felt like I was writing to write and it wasn’t as meaningful or on target as I’d have liked

          1. It sucks to doubt what you write. I sent in my 3rd wip to my editor and an convinced it’s horrible. That’s why we have each other (and this community) to tell us we’re not as bad as our brain is trying to tell us we are. If you ever want me to beta, let me know. You write good stuff!

          2. Anytime. Email my author account (listed on my welcome page) and I’ll send you my personal email from there. Only if you want to, of course! ?

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