Blindsided 96

Page 96 –   Max  goes to find Craig

“It’s ok, Cassy.  No problem!”  Craig said.  “I’ll just to do a quick sweep of the grounds.”

Cassy went upstairs, showered, and changed.  Feeling a little concerned about Craig, she went to ask Max why it was taking so long.  “Max, I thought Craig would be back by now, it’s been nearly a half an hour.”

“Your right, stay put, I’ll go see what’s taking so long.  Maybe he wanted alone time.”

Cassy stood outside the bathroom door and called Maggy.  “You ok in there?”

“Yep, just fine thanks.”

“Listen, are you about done?”

“Yeah, does somebody need the bathroom?”

 “Ah, no, but Craig went outside a half an hour ago and hasn’t returned.  Max has gone to see if he’s alright.”

“Oh shit!  I’ll be right out.” She must have set a record for drying, and dressing, so concerned was she.  Rushing down the stairs, Max was just entering through the back door.  They knew immediately something was desperately wrong.

“Max?” Maggy asked urgently.  “What is it?”  Taking a hesitant step towards him, she asked, “Where’s Craig?”

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