Blindsided 97


Page 97 – “wham the lights went out!”

“Call 911, now!” he managed before heading outside again.

Maggy ran toward the empty door.  “Maggy, come back, I can’t see to dial.  Please.”

“Jesus!  Do I have to do everything?”

“Maggy!”  Cassy was shocked by Maggy’s reaction.  Maggy dialled the phone and shoved it at her, “Here!” she said turning to rush out the door to follow Myerson.

Outside, Max was crouched beside Craig’s prone body.  Falling to her knees, she reached out to sweep his hair across his forehead, “Craig!”

“Someone lay in wait, knocked him out.”

“How serious is it?”

“I think he’ll be ok, but he’s got a pretty big lump on the back of his head.”  Just then Craig moaned.

“Craig, can you hear me?”  Myerson asked peering into his face.


Another moan followed when Craig tried to sit up then fell back, “God, what the hell happened?” he asked groggily.

“Craig?”  Maggy asked, reaching out a shaking hand to take hold of his.  “What happened to you?”

“God, I wished I could tell you.  I was walking the perimeter when wham the lights went out.”

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