Blindsided 98


Page 98 – Ambulance on it’s way

“An ambulance is on the way, so relax, and we’ll get you checked out,” Myerson said.

“No need, Max.  I’ll be fine,” he commented, “I’ll be ok, just a hell of a head ache.”  He trying to sit up again, this time, with more success.  “Holy shit, my head hurts,” He slid his fingers across the goose egg on the back of his head.  “God!”

“None-the-less, I want you checked out.”

From their position at the far back corner of the house, they could see the flashing lights of the ambulance in the driveway prior to the two medics hurrying toward them.

“Step back, sir, ma’am.  Let us take a look, ok?”

The two men took his vitals, checked his head and asked him questions.  “I think we should take him in overnight, for observation, if nothing else.  I’m sure he’ll be fine.  He was lucky though.”

Max assisted Craig to his feet, and stood at the ready if he required assistance getting on the gurney.  Craig was only too grateful to lay down.

“Max, I didn’t see him.  He must have been crouched in the shadows.  I was about to make a second round, and that’s when he hit me, didn’t even see it coming, just wham and the lights went out!”

“Craig, I’m going with you to the hospital!”  Maggy volunteered.  “That way, if they release you, you’ve got a ride home.”

Maggy ran inside, hurriedly grabbed her purse and cell phone and without a word to Cassy, dashed outside.  She jumped into her car and followed the ambulance while Max returned to the house to explain to Cassy.


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