Blindsided 99


Page 99 –  Maggy was very upset

“Max, is he alright?” she asked desperately.

“Yeah, old Craig’s got a hard head,” Max replied. “Depending on what the doc says when he takes a look at him, they might keep him overnight for observation, or they might release him.  Maggy’s gone with him to the hospital.”

“He must have been quick as lightening to catch Craig off guard though,” Myerson observed.

“Does that mean he’s still here?” she couldn’t refrain from asking worriedly.

“Possible, but he’d most like slither back under his rock because attention is the last thing he’d want. He acted rashly.  Getting this close, with two cops in the house?  He was watching, saw an opportunity and took it, oh yeah, I’d say we pushed his buttons alright.”

 “Maggy was very upset.”

“I noticed that,” Max agreed.

“I think she cares about Craig more than she’s admitting.”  At his inquisitive look she expanded, “She snapped at me.  That’s just not like her.”

“Perhaps we should send Maggy home if this is getting too much for her, keep her out of harm’s way,” she suggested.

“We’ll have to tackle that right away,” Myerson agreed.  “If she’s under too much stress, she could let her guard down, and then she could get hurt.”

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