Blindsided 100

Page 100 –  he moved cautiously toward the door

“I’m too hyped for sleep.  Mind if we settle down in front of the fire for a while?” she asked.

 “Let me take a quick look around first.”


“Don’t worry.  For-warned is for-armed.  I won’t make the same mistake Craig made,” he lifted his pant leg and pulled out a small calibre gun.  “You stay inside, away from the windows.  I’ll be right back,” he promised, caressing her cheek.

Cassy roamed anxiously around the front room arms wrapped tightly around her body.  “Nothing,” he said upon returning, “Just want to take a quick tour inside too, re-check the locks,” Max added.

 He pulled her back against him and they listened to the soft rock playing on the radio, and watched the fire.  It was sometime later when Max moved her aside, and motioned for silence.  He crouched low and moved to the front window.  Peering outside, he moved cautiously to the front door.  The key took him off guard; he cocked his gun and waited.

Maggy stepped through the door.  “Jesus!” Maggy squeaked. “It’s me, it’s me!”

“Wasn’t taking any chances,” Max stated firmly. Easing his finger off the hammer, he replaced the gun in his ankle holster.

Catching her breath, her hand at her throat she explained “They’re going to keep Craig overnight anyway.  He wanted to come back with me, but the doctor was adamant.  I’m relieved he stayed, he seemed pretty groggy.”

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