The song of pleasure played on through

Delighting me with a glimpse, a preview

A promise of what was to come

With joy I was nearly overcome

At long last my dream had come true

Glancing ahead across the water to

The plot of land I’d so longed to see

A hunger began light and feathery

I was coming home to family at last

There standing shoulder to shoulder amassed

The greatst of all welcoming committees

Large enough to form a small city

Family, friends, acquaintances too

All eagerly awaiting this rendezvou

Home at last, nothing peculiar here

As I touched my cheek and felt a tear

Seeking one who’d captured my heart

So long ago, my precious sweetheart

Standing front and center, proud and strong

The one who held my heart for so long

The greeting that glowed in his eyes

Assured me I’d indeed been wise

Our time together was now at hand

As I stepped onto dry land

Coming home, forever more

All I needed was on this shore




4 thoughts on “Peculiar

  1. test: I want to see if you get this note. The storytellers group are found on line at Around Town Storytellers (Nanaimo) the Second Friday of every month except July and August. Times :7:30 – 9:30 The theme for October is Tales from Afar. Usually you have to be there a half hour early to get ticket. You can read about the storytellers etc. talk soon Maureen

    1. OMG I got it! That’s a first. Sorry, I would have enjoyed chatting longer, Kelsy was off to work and wanted me to braid her hair for her. She bikes to work so needed to leave within 10 minutes so it was a rush, lol.

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