Blindsided 101

She drifted from room to room and finally joined them in the front of the fire.  Cassy noted how uneasy she was and waited her out.  Max realized there were things left unsaid and disappeared to make some tea.  Maggy said, “Cassy, I…”

“It’s ok, Maggy.  I understand.”

“Let me say it, please.  I was way out of line and I’m so sorry.  I acted like an ass.”

“Look, Maggy, its ok.  You were upset. It’s understandable.”

“That doesn’t excuse my inexcusable behaviour though.  I was more shocked than you, I think.  You’re my oldest and dearest friend.  I don’t know what got into me.”

“You were concerned for Craig, Maggy and I understand.  Having said that, if this is too much, all you have to do is say the word.  You can go back to your life you know, you don’t have to continue fighting the good fight, I will understand.”

“No.  No, it’s not that.  I just got carried away.  I guess that tells me what kind of a cop’s wife I would make hey?”

“These are tense times for all of us.  We’re all hyper-vigilant, we’ve got our guards up.  It isn’t easy.  We’re new at this. It takes some getting used to.”

“I don’t see you falling apart at the seams,” Maggy observed.

“I probably would if I could see well.  At the moment, it’s almost like being cocooned, rather insulated.  Because I can’t see much, I don’t feel as trepidatious as I probably would, otherwise.  It’s kind of weird.  I thought that would make me more nervous, but the opposite seems to be true.”

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