Aching at losses so terrible

So senseless cruel and unbearable

Stunned silence permeated the globe

Shock filled horror worn like a robe

Unbelievable pain and sorrow

No one thought about tomorrow

Moving forward a step at a time

Angered at hateful partners in crime

Carelessly emotionlessly willing to kill

Nowhere to hide from the poison pill

She didn’t know what she could say

Tho’ her heart filled with sympathy

More important to heal a heart

Empathy is but a start






2 thoughts to “Sympathy”

    1. I think it depends on who is involved, and how it affects you. Someone once said take a look at the movies you watch, who do you side with? Victim, perp or one in charge calling the shots. It tells you where you stand. I think I’m better with empathy, I personally believe it’s more helpful but that’s just me and my take.

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