Blindsided 102


Page 102 –  Myerson was watchful

“Thank god for small mercies then.”

“Cassy, I really would rather stay.  I’d worry so badly about you I weren’t here; I doubt I could keep my mind on my work at this point.”

“The one you’ll have to convince is Max.  He’s got some concerns, but if your game, it’s ok with me.”

“Just don’t throw a pot of hot coffee at me, ok?” she laughed.

“Promise!”  Maggy laughed and sniffed at the same time.

Myerson rejoined them.  Handing her a cup of tea, eyes watching intently he began, “Maggy, “

“Before you say anything, Max, it won’t happen again seriously.”

“You’re a great friend, Maggy.  You care, that’s obvious; I just don’t want you getting in over your head.”

“I told Craig I’d pick him up in the morning when he calls.”

“I need to see this through, Max, I’m in and having seen what’s involved, I get it.  I was momentarily thrown.  I guess I don’t have to explain why.”

“The light dawned a while ago.”

It was nearly light when they turned in for the night, or what was left of it.

After sleeping in, Maggy left to get Craig and Max assisted with breakfast.  They were dishing up when Maggy and Craig arrived.


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