Blindsided 103

Page 103 –   a stream of people dropped by

Hopping up from the table, Cassy went to Craig, “Glad to see you!”  While offering a warm hug.  “You ok?”

“Yeah, a bit of a goose egg, and a red face, but I’m fine.” He sounded chagrined.

“Well, if you ask me, there’s nothing to feel bad about; as I see it, you were doing your job, it’s why you were conked on the head.  So, cudos to you!”

Craig laughed.  “Any breakfast left?”


The offerings included sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns and plenty of coffee.  “Man oh man, that looks good!”

“Eat up, it’s going to be a busy day,” Max urged before adding, “We might as well start with the sandcastle contest, sign up as a team; that ought to be interesting.”

The parade was set for noon and although short in numbers, it was long on content.  Afterward, they wandered the beach, taking in the other sandcastles, awaiting the announcement for the winner.  Whether they won or not, they’d had fun.  They’d done a great job according to spectators, although none had ever been involved to this extent.

They lined up for lunch, an offering of hots or hams a drink fries and pop of your choice.

The stream of people dropping by their table to wish Cassy well was endless.  In one way or another, they’d heard about her accident and were concerned.  Max figured they were as interested in meeting her “love” interest as anything.

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