She had a penchant for truth

Sometimes the path was smooth

Her proclivity for honesty

Was a given, it was policy

Say what you will, she’d tell you straight

Never leave you hanging, never a debate

If she thought you could handle more

She’d lay it on the line full score

If  she knew you weren’t prepared

She’d couch her words rest assured

It wasn’t in her to be cruel

Her honesty wasn’t a tool

She wielded without thought

Never to slam an onslaught

Teaching you to be honest from within

Then your world held less chagrin






4 thoughts on “Penchant

  1. I find it hard to deal with people who aren’t open with their feelings and thoughts. I don’t want abrasive, but a good friend should always tell you like it is. Great write.

    1. Tyvm. I don’t like being with ppl who aren’t honest about their feelings, it’s like walking on egg shells you never know what’s going to set them off

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